Department of Neurology Award winners 2017

It was our honor and pleasure on June 16th to present the 2017 Department of Neurology graduates and award winners at the 2017 annual party. It was a great event for […]

Congratulations to our Comprehensive Stroke Team!

The UF Health Comprehensive Stroke team was officially recognized by the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association with the highest designation that can be achieved – Stroke Gold Plus […]

Michael Okun , MD - Photo

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Okun!

The Provost has announced a new program, the University Term Professorship, which recognizes and rewards outstanding faculty academic achievement.  An advisory committee was appointed to review the nominations and Dr. […]

Clerkship Director of the Year for the College of Medicine

Daniel Martinez-Ramirez MD of the Department of Neurology last night was awarded the Clerkship Director of the Year for the College of Medicine.  Daniel has inspired the next generation of […]

UF Health Neuromedicine 2016 Progress Report

This is the most prolific era in the history of neuromedicine at University of Florida Health, and we are eager to share some of the exciting initiatives currently taking place. […]

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Neurology News

Free water improves detection of changes in the substantia nigra in Parkinsonism: A multisite study

Jul 21st, 2017

Congratulations Drs. Nikolaus McFarland, Michael Okun and David Vaillancourt on the publication of “Free water improves detection of changes in the substantia nigra in Parkinsonism: A multisite study.”  This article […]

Hospitalization and rehospitalization in Parkinson disease patients: Data from the National Parkinson Foundation Centers of Excellence

Jul 19th, 2017

Congratulations Drs. Sol De Jesus, Melissa J. Armstrong, Daniel Martinez-Ramirez, and Michael S. Okun on the publication of “Hospitalization and rehospitalization in Parkinson disease patients: Data from the National Parkinson Foundation Centers of Excellence.” […]

Welcome new Faculty!

Jul 18th, 2017

Please join us in wishing a warm welcome to Dr. Christopher Robinson, who joined us on July 11th in the Neuro Critical-Care Division and Dr. Tirisham Gyang who joins us today in the Multiple […]

Grand Rounds – July 18, 2017

Jul 17th, 2017

The University of Florida Department of Neurology Presents “Neuroprognostication Post Cardiac Arrest” Carolina Maciel, MD Assistant Professor Gainesville, FL   Katharina Busl, MD Chief and Associate Professor of the Neurocritical […]

Striatum, critical in DYTI

Jul 12th, 2017

DYT1 dystonia is an autosomal dominant dystonia that is due to mutations in the TOR1A gene. Current evidence points toward a central role of the striatum (the caudate + putamen […]

Residency Candidates

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How to Manage Parkinson’s “Off” Time

Parkinson’s can be unpredictable – symptoms can come and go or get better and worse throughout the day. These so-called “on-off” fluctuations (also called motor fluctuations) and dyskinesias can be […]

Solving the Puzzle of Living with Parkinson’s

Harvesting Happiness with guest Dr. Michael Okun   Host Lisa Cypers Kamen, MA is an Applied Positive Psychology and lifestyle management consultant specializing in the fields of addiction and trauma recovery, life-crises triage, integrated wellbeing and mindful living. Her mission-driven […]

Michael Okun , MD - Photo

Substantial Matters: Life and Science of Parkinson’s

In this debut episode of Substantial Matters: Life and Science of Parkinson’s, brought to you by the National Parkinson Foundation, Dr. Michael Okun talks about early warning signs of Parkinson’s […]

Patient Information Video

Psychosis in Dementia with Lewy Bodies

Below is a video presented as an interview between Dr. Melissa Armstrong and Dr. Wissam Deeb about the differences in different types of Dementia, specifically Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Parkinson’s […]

Monthly Blog

6 Steps to better sleep

BY MELISSA ARMSTRONG, MD, MSC, FAAN Many neurologic diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis disrupt sleep. Sleep problems also can impact the brain: multiple research studies suggest, for […]

The Neurologist is in…

Monthly insights and advice from a stroke specialist, a movement disorder expert, and a neuromuscular physician. by Melissa Armstrong, MD, MSC featured in Neurology Now, Your Trusted Resource for Brain […]

Faculty Spotlight

Photo Dr. Marc-Alain BabiDr. Marc-Alain Babi joined the University of Florida Neurology and Neurocritical care programs (starting July 1, 2017). He finished his fellowship at Duke University Hospital. He is interested in researching systems of acute care and acute reperfusion therapies following ischemic and hemorrhagic disorders. He is fluent in French, Serbo-Croatian, and Arabic. He is an avid free driver and deep-sea spear angler. He is excited to explore the FL springs and state forests. He also stays busy with two children, 1 and 5 years old.