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John Williamson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Director, Neuropsychology, Center for Neuropsychological Studies
Director, Stroke Neuropsychology Service

Phone: (352) 273-5550
Fax: (352) 273-5575

Physical Address:

Department of Neurology
Room L3-100, McKnight Brain Institute
1149 Newell Drive
Gainesville, FL. 32611

Mailing Address:

Department of Neurology
University of Florida College of Medicine
HSC Box 100236
Gainesville, FL 32610-0236

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Educational & Professional Background


National Institute of Aging Research Fellowship, University of Illinois at Chicago, Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry – 2008
Clinical Neuropsychology Fellowship, University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Neurology – 2006
Clinical Neuropsychology Internship, University of Chicago, Department of Psychiatry – 2004

Personal Info

Dr. Williamson joined the faculty at the University of Florida in 2008.  He has completed clinical and research fellowships in stroke neuropsychology and has continued his research on laterality and behavioral changes in stroke at the University of Florida.  As part of a new clinic initiative to better serve our local population, Dr. Williamson directs the Department of Neurology’s stroke neuropsychology service.  Dr. Williamson has recently started a VA funded study of neurologic and psychiatric contributions to the development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans experiencing traumatic brain injury.  This research stems from his previous work on white matter connectivity shifts in cerebrovascular disease and changes in autonomic nervous system function.


  • American Psychological Society (APS)
  • International Society for Vascular Behavioural and Cognitive Disorders (VAS-COG)
  • The Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR)
  • The International Neuropsychological Society (INS)
  • Florida Society of Neurology (FSN)

Selected Publications

  1. Harciarek M, Williamson JB, Haque S, Burtis D, Heilman KM.  Ipsilateral neglect from a subcortical lesion:  The effects of spatial position,  distractors, and repeated trials.  Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology 2012.
  2. Heilman KM, Williamson JB.  Reply to Multicenter randomized clinical trial of donepezil for memory impairment in multiple sclerosis.  Neurology 2011.
  3. Quereshi M, Williamson JB, Heilman KM.  Ideational apraxia in Parkinson’s disease.  Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, in press 2011.
  4. Harciarek M, Williamson John B, et al.  Risk factors for selective cognitive decline in dialyzed patients with end stage renal disease: evidence from verbal fluency analysis.  Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, in press 2011.
  5. Kwon JC, Cohen ML, Williamson JB, Burtis DB, Heillman KM.  Bimanual-Vertical Hand Movements.  Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, in press 2011.
  6. Falchook A, Danilo D, Williamson JB, Okun M, Malaty IA, Rodriguez RL, Heilman KM.  Alternate but do not swim:  A test for executive motor dysfunction in Parkinson disease. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society 2011: In press.
  7. Williamson JB, Lewis GF, Grippo A, Lamb D, Harden E, Hadleman M, Lebow J, Carter CS, Porges SW.  Autonomic predictors of recovery following surgery: A comparative Study.  Autonomic Neuroscience 2010.
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  13. Williamson JB, Nyenhuis DL, Stebbins GT, Gorelick, P.B. Regional differences in apparent white matter integrity in cerebrovascular disease and sensitivity to cognition and emotion.  Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsycholoy, 2009.
  14. Williamson JB, Nyenhuis DL,Pedelty L, Byrd S, Jhaveri M, Wang C, deToledo-Morrell L, Sripathirathan K,Gorelick P. Baseline differences between Vascular Cognitive Impairment No Dementia reverters and nonreverters. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery,& Psychiatry 2008; 79:1208-14.
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  17. Williamson JB, Harrison DW. Functional cerebral asymmetry in hostility: A dual task approach with fluency and cardiovascular regulation. Brain and Cognition 2003; 52:167-174.
  18. Williamson JB, Shenal BV, Rhodes RD, Demaree HA, Harrison DW. Case study: Topographical brain mapping in an adolescent diagnosed expressive aprosodic. Applied Neuropsychology 2003; 10:176-181.