NeuroHospitalist Divison

The NeuroHospitalist Division is in a phrase, collaborative, responsive, and completely focused on the comprehensive care of the patients at UF Health, as well as focused on clinical-research and education of our future physicians and other healthcare practitioners. Perennially this consult service is the highest ranked among all consult services including all specialties at UF Health. The NeuroHospitalists are a highly experienced group of clinicians with a client- centered approach. Uniquely this Hospitalist service maintains outpatient clinic sessions to enhance continuity and to improve the overall patient experience. Each NeuroHospitalist also has subspecialty training and participates in the clinical research mission in the department of neurology. Areas covered by this service include Neuro-oncology, palliative care, dementia, behavioral neurology, movement disorders, and epilepsy. Although the primary mission is clinical and clinical-research, the NeuroHospitalists are also devoted to resident and medical student education. The team works closely with the Neurology Residency Program and participates in morning reports and in managing admissions during morning teaching rounds. The NeuroHospitalists play a central institutional role through active involvement in ICU and palliative care strategies and through the development of patient centered guidelines. NeuroHospitalists routinely participate in multidisciplinary quality initiatives with neurosurgery, internal medicine, and emergency medicine, and they participate in shaping policy where disciplines overlap. These collective efforts have resulted for example in a collaborative intracerebral hemorrhage hospital guideline and an institutional syncope policy. These types of initiatives are examples of the world-class patient-centered care offered by this service. As UF Health completes the new Neuromedicine Hospital, there is no question the NeuroHospitalists will play a vital role in shaping the interdisciplinary care, clinical-research, and education. NeuroHospitalist medicine is a relatively new specialty in neurology and all members of our division are active in the subsection of NeuroHospitalists in the American Academy of Neurology, and active in the NeuroHospitalist Society which has only been in existence for the past three years.