Current information about benefits and requirements for residents is available on the Graduate Medical Education website:

Financial Support

The College of Medicine sets the annual stipend for residents at each level at amounts near the the 50th percentile of resident compensation in the southern region. The College of Medicine pays the employer contribution of FICA. The residents are also eligible for in the deferred compensation plan of the State of Florida.



Vacation: All housestaff receive three weeks of vacation each year. It typically occurs in 3 one-week blocks. Vacation is not allowed while on a ward or consult rotation.

Sick Leave: All housestaff shall accrue sick leave at the rate of 10 working days per year of full employment if consistent with board requirements. If excessive time is taken, the house officer must extend his/her training to fulfill board requirements.

American Academy of Neurology (AAN): Annual membership to the AAN is paid for by the Department of Neurology for all residents.

Insurance and Fees: The University of Florida / Department of Neurology provides malpractice insurance and pays for life insurance, accidental death insurance, health insurance and major medical coverage. Dental coverage is not provided.

Meals: Meal tickets are provided to residents when on call. The VAMC provides dinner, snack and breakfast to house officers on call. At Shands Hospital, a Housestaff Lounge supplies free beverages and snacks 24 hours a day.

Parking: House officers are eligible to obtain Health Center parking that is convenient to both hospitals. There is a fee deductible from the paycheck prior to taxes.

Beepers: All residents are provided with digital pagers free of charge.

Uniforms: Two white, full-length, monogrammed lab coats are provided for all residents free of charge.

Educational Fund: All residents are given an allotted educational fund. It is $500 for each year. This fund can help pay for approved educational items as well as for travel to neurology conferences.

Moonlighting: Moonlighting is allowed at the VA Compensation & Pension Clinic, if a resident is in good standing, has attended greater than 60% of conferences, and has a valid Florida Medical License.