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June 16-22, 2014 Volume 06 Issue 24


ATTENTION -2013-2014 Fiscal year end deadlines UPDATE – Information attached – Please read reminder /updated Fiscal year end deadlines 2013-14 questions – contact Robin Smith or Gwen Young 273 5550

YEAR END PCard Users at UF – To All PCard Participants Year end is rapidly approaching. Please be reminded of the following important PCard items: 1-June 24 is the last day to approve charges in myUFL with current year funds. 2-You may continue to use your PCard through the end of the fiscal year. 3-Transactions to be paid from this fiscal year funds should be made as soon as possible. There are no guarantees on when a vendor will process charges and therefore when they will appear in myUFL for approval. 4-To ensure charges are approved timely, be sure all receipts are given to your reconciler/approver within three days of making a purchase. Please contact the PCard team with comments or concerns at  John Edmands  

Your next Faculty Meeting will be Tuesday June 24th (All meetings will begin at 5:30pm and will be held in the Neurology Large Conference Room, MBI L3-101. Faculty meetings will be held to an hour and Faculty Retreats will span longer).

Annual Physician Billing Compliance Update Training (on-line) for 2014 is now available.  All UF faculty, staff and residents/fellows, not otherwise exempt, must complete this training annually. DEADLINE/ Due date for completion:   June 30, 2014  See info and directions Annual Physician Billing Compliance Notice 2014<

***Your June 2014 InfoGator just came out with the Budget announced for FY 2014-15, “For Your Health” features for this month, Proposed fringe benefit pool rates for 2014-15 revised, HSP Training , and more so check it out !  Go to:
PARK UP” FOR SUMMER SEMESTER, May 12- AUGUST 8 see attached for parking information on campus during summer 2014 Parking Info summer 2014
UFIT maintenance 06/22/14  see attached for further explanation – UFIT SPAM June 22 2014
Shands/EPIC and UF Downtime noticesShands EPIC Downtime for June 18-24, 2014
UF Health IT Announcement – EPIC Optime system is now live –  For any issues or concerns please contact the EPIC Help Desk at 265-0526, option 1 (from UF Health IT, Support Services sent Fri 5/30/2014 6:34 am)
Roam if you want – see the info on the Eduroam connection now available – Article in the POST

 “Recent THEF” – TO MBI Faculty, Staff and Students  – See attached email from Kelly Sharp and a flyer from last year with some helpful hints which should still apply – Thefts –    protect property full page-2

ufvisitor wireless network – see attached for info and set up  – ufvisitor Wi-Fi network service June 2013

Check out the Gator Perk Website

Check out the ufhealth Events Calendar:

Conference Schedule

Additional important information is being added or updated to your Conference Calendar to included scheduled faculty meetings, retreats and future conferences such as the AAN conference.  A time saver suggestion by Dr. Leslie Gonzalez-Rothi to find a centralized location for an annual calendar for department planning/activity purposes.

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Leave Schedule

Mon June 16 Zhang, Burtis, Conde, Tues June 17 Zhang, Burtis, Conde, Hella Weds June 18 Zhang, Burtis, Conde, Hella, Finney Thurs June 19  Zhang, Burtis, Conde, Hella, Finney, Daly, Waters Fri June 20  Zhang, Conde, Hella, Finney, Daly, Waters