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July 24 -July 30, Volume 8, Issue 30


DEA Renewals

Federal Regulations governing DEA registration provide an exemption from registrations fees ($390) for any individual practitioner who is required to obtain an individual registration in order to carry out his or her duties an as official of any state agency. The practitioners at the University of Florida qualify for this exemption.

When renewing your DEA registration using Form 224A online, question #7 asks for Certification for Fee Exemption. The form also asks for the name of the “Certifying Officer”. This would be your department chair.

Please note, that this is an exemption from paying registration fees. You are still required to register and to comply with any other requirements or duties prescribed by law.


Have you heard?

Themed Neuromedicine Drinks at the NICAP Summer Social!


The annual Bloodborne Pathogen Training is now available.

To complete training please log in to MyTraining at

UF’s new indirect cost rates have been announced.

Effective 7/1/16 the new rate will be 52.5% on all grants, this is a 2.5% increase to the federally negotiated IDC rate.

Continuing projects will be subject to the rates in effect when the project was awarded.

Detailed information on the various rate changes available here:


Conference Schedule

July 25 July 26 July 27 July 28 July 29
12pm Noon Conference, Dr. Nazario, Acute Management of Neuroimmunological Disease/MS , MBI L3-101, Neurology Large Conference Room 11am Special Session – Neurology Grand Rounds, Joshua Willey, MD (visiting professor, “Stroke in Cardiac Surgery and Mechanical Circulatory Support”, MBI, LG-101, DeWeese Auditorium
12pm Neurology Grand Rounds, Benzi Kluger, MD, “What’s New in Palliative Care and What Can it Offer Neurology”, MBI, LG-101, DeWeese Auditorium
12pm Noon Conference, Dr. Hess, Movement Disorders Emergencies, MBI L3-101, Neurology Large Conference Room 12pm Noon Conference, Dr. Jaffee, Traumatic Brain/Spinal Cord Injury, MBI L3-101, Neurology Large Conference Room 12pm Noon Conference, Dr. Eisenschenk, Basic AED Management, MBI L3-101, Neurology Large Conference Room

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