Dance helps patients with Parkinson’s disease improve their mobility

A program sponsored by the University of Florida’s Center for Movement Disorder and Neurorestoration and The Center for Arts is helping patients with Parkinson’s disease learn to regain their mobility through dance.

The program led by professional and student dancers has been around for nine years. Dancing helps those with the disease improve social skills, balance, strength and mobility.

“It’s a really great way for them to spend time together that doesn’t involve a doctor’s visit or hospitals or anything like that,” says Emily Pozek, a dance trainer for the program. “It’s a really fun place where they can both be using their bodies.”

Participants in the program engage in different styles of dance ranging from ballet and jazz. The class is available for patients and their spouses to interact with others with the disease.

See the video clip and read more about this in the July 20th issue of the Gainesville Sun