UF Neuromedicine Research Day

In accordance with the University of Florida Department of Neurology’s commitment to research the first annual Neuromedicine Research Day was held on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

All the divisions in the department presented their research projects either as platform presentations or as posters. Enthusiasm and excitement could be palpated in the meeting room and when browsing the posters. The residents and fellows were well represented; one resident for each PGY year and one fellow from each program presented their research. Following each presentation, a healthy discussion of the presented research allowed for interaction and feedback.

Topics discussed varied from basic research (‘wet lab’ work), translational research, clinical studies and case reports. Dr. Ranum was the keynote presenter and she presented her laboratory’s leading work in understanding the genetic mechanisms behind the development of trinucleotide (and other) repeat disorders. These include disorders such as spinocerebellar ataxias. A discussion of the efforts to translate these findings into developing treatment and management strategies for these very disabling disorders followed. A full day of presentation and scholarly discussions followed. Topics were varied: driving assessments in patients with epilepsy; traumatic brain injury effects in patients with post-traumatic stress disorders and the effects of vagal nerve stimulators; development of understanding of the role of Rab protein in the pathogenesis of synuclein disorders; overview of the divisions of neurocritical care and traumatic brain injury and the ongoing research projects; rate of recanalization and the effect of place of care in the management of ischemic strokes; the long-term changes in impedance in deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s patients; the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation in cervical dystonia and the role of botulinum toxin; and a review of autoimmune encephalitis and callosal apraxia.

Recognition award presented by Dr. Okun

Panel discussions addressed the complexities of obtaining federal and foundation grants. The discussion was geared mainly to younger faculty and residents/fellows discussing the advantages of each type of grant, the resources needed and the importance of mentorship in consolidating these efforts. Another panel discussion explained the process of managing industry sponsored trials and their role in academic neurology.

The first Neuromedicine Research Day was a great success, and we hope to see you next year!






Time Topic Presenter
8:15 Building Clinical and Preclinical Collaborations – Keynote presentation Dr. Ranum
8:45 Neuroscience of Driving Performance Dr. Eisenschenk
9:00 NeuroCritical Care, what’s it all about? Dr. Busl
9:15 Progress in translational research in genetic neuromuscular disorders Dr. Subramony
9:30 Navigating federally funded research grants Drs. Dekosky, Jaffee, Shukla, Nadeau and Okun
10:00 Break
10:15 Transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation effects on autonomic components of hyperarousal in patients with mild TBI in PTSD Dr. Williamson
10:30 Highlights in UF concussion research Dr. Jaffee and the rest of the general neurology and concussion team
10:45 Targeting Rab proteins in synucleinopathies Dr. McFarland
11:00 Clinically predicting recanalization in acute ischemic stroke – an illustration for hypothesis generation and testing from clinical observations Dr. Nagaraja
11:15 Autoimmune encephalitis Dr. Parker
11:30 Applications of TMS on movement disorders Dr. Hu
11:45 Lunch and research vision for UF neurology Drs. Zamora and Wymer
12:45 Effect of annual hospital procedure volume on outcomes after mechanical thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke patients Dr. Lunagariya
13:00 Physiologic changes of botulinum toxin in cervical dystonia Dr. Deeb
13:15 Long-term follow-up of impedance drift in STN GPi, and Vim deep brain stimulation Dr. Wong
13:30 Callosal apraxia Dr. Heilman
13:45 Causes, complications and outcomes of hospitalization in patients with dementia with Lewy bodies Dr. Besharat
14:00 Navigating industry sponsored trials Drs. Wicklund, Wymer, Miravalle and Zamora
14:30 Poster presentations Dr. Almeida (moderator)
16:00 Closing awards Presented by Dr. Okun