Department of Neurology Award winners 2017

It was our honor and pleasure on June 16th to present the 2017 Department of Neurology graduates and award winners at the 2017 annual party. It was a great event for everyone and we especially loved seeing the families, alumni, and friends.  Because all the members of the department deserve an award this year for outstanding service and dedication, our five member awards committee had an especially difficult time selecting the winners.  Below is the list of the award winners and graduates.  Please join us in congratulating them all for a job well done.  This has been another amazing year; Neurology is on the rise!

Program Director’s Award for Academic Excellence

Matthew McAdams, MD (PGY2)
Lesley Kaye, MD (PGY3)
Supreet Kaur, MD (PGY4)

Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Patient Care

David Stone, MD

Kenneth M. Heilman Award for Excellence in Research

Supreet Kaur, MD

Resident Research Day Award

Joshua Wong, MD

Resident Teacher of the Year:

Kanita Beba, MD

Faculty Clinical Educator Award

Miguel Chuquilin, MD

Faculty Didactic Educator Award

Miguel Chuquilin, MD

Clinical Outpatient Excellence Awards

Irene Malaty, MD
Lisa Goldberg, ARNP

Department of Neurology Clinic Hospitality Awards

Ed Stafford
Pam Zeilman, ARNP

Clinical Inpatient Excellence Awards

Meredith Wicklund, MD
Brandi Kenworthy, ARNP 

Department Service Award

Katharina Busl, MD

Chair’s Award for Outstanding Service to the Department and Community

Anna Khanna, MD

Department of Neurology Faculty Hospitality Award

Jean Cibula, MD

Department of Neurology Research Awards

Aparna Shukla, MD
Yuquing Li, PhD

Department of Neurology Unsung Hero Award

AJ Yarbrough

Neurology graduates

Supreet Kaur, MD
Abhishek Lunagariya, MD
Jesse Victor, MD
Justin Yancey, MD, Chief Resident

Vascular Neurology Fellows
Swetha Renati, MD
Scott Dellorso, MD 

Clinical Neurophysiology Fellow
Cui Yang, MD 
Behavioral Neurology Fellow
Alicia Parker, MD 
Movement Disorders Fellows
Wissam Deeb, MD 
Addie Patterson, DO
Syed Abdullah Shah, MD 
Vanessa Milanesi Holanda, MD 

Resident receiving award
awards ceremony