Alterations of emotional reactivity following right temporal lobectomy

Congratulations to Drs. Williamson and Heilman on the publication of “Alterations of emotional reactivity following right temporal lobectomy,” which was published in Neurocase: The Neural Basis of Cognition.


To learn if a right temporal lobectomy altered a patient’s autonomic and cognitive responses to aversive and appetitive pictures, we investigated a man whose right anterior temporal lobe and amygdala had been resected to remove an arteriovenous malformation. This patient revealed unusually low self-reports of arousal with a lack of heightened skin conductance responses to aversive pictures. For pleasant pictures, his self-reports of arousal and his physiological responses were similar to healthy men. This patient’s responses are consistent with a bivalent model of emotional processing, with a right temporal lobectomy compromising the activation of his defensive action response system.