Ictal–Interictal Continuum

Congratulations to Dr. Kalamangalam on the publication of his invited review in the June issue of the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology entitled “Ictal-Interictal Contnuum.”



The term “ictal-interictal” continuum has seen wide adoption in the critical care EEG domain, referring to the presence of abnormal periodic activity on the scalp EEG variably associated with seizures. The historical origin of the ictal-interictal continuum concept is discussed with a review of known and surmised physiological mechanisms for their origin and relationship to seizures. Therapeutic approaches to patients exhibiting ictal-interictal continuum EEG patterns are reviewed, and some open scientific questions highlighted. Further understanding of the ictal-interictal continuum is likely to significantly improve the care of the critically ill neurological patient.