Ed and Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program Grants awarded!

The Florida Department of Health (DOH) recently awarded University of Florida research teams seven Ed and Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program grants.  The purpose of the Program is to fund research leading to prevention of, or a cure for, Alzheimer’s disease by pursuing the following goals: 1. Improve the health of Floridians by researching better prevention and diagnoses of, and treatments and cures for, Alzheimer’s disease. 2. Expand the foundation of knowledge relating to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of Alzheimer’s disease. 3. Stimulate economic activity in Florida in areas related to Alzheimer’s disease research.

UF’s funding total was the highest of any state university.  Here is a list of the awards given:

Is Cortisol Really a Factor in Cognitive Decline? $95,000

Utilizing Data from the Electronic Medical Record to Predict Alzheimer’s and Dementia Risk,$237,500

Association of PET amyloid status with cognitive and functional outcomes of behavioral interventions in Mild Cognitive Impairment, $237,500

The Two Faces of Hypoxia in Alzheimer’s Disease, $237,497.89

Mechanisms of abnormal neuronal tau accumulation, interactions with amyloid-beta and pathological sequelae, $237,500

Responses to a Standardized Approach to Advance Care Planning in Cognitive Disorders Clinic, $87,181.82

Impact of total knee replacement surgery on trajectory of cognitive decline in individuals with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), $237,080.10