Congratulations Jennifer Shipley!

Jennifer won the 2020 Debra L. Dooley GME Program coordinator Excellence Award, which is is given to program coordinators in recognition of their in-depth understanding of the accreditation process, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and projects to improve residency programs.. Only 5 awards are given nationally per year.

The ACGME interviewed Ms. Shipley and you can read the full Q&A here.

Here are some interesting excerpts:

  • “I worked in catering for 13 years prior to starting in graduate medical education. The combination of long hours and no benefits was starting to wear on me, so I started applying for jobs at the University of Florida.”
  • “I take pride in my work, and always felt like I did a good job, but the award nomination seemed to validate my work.”
  • “More than one of my residents has referred to me as their “work mom.” I feel like my house staff are part of my family. When I get the chance to meet their parents, one of the things I hear most is, “Thank you of taking care of my son/daughter.””