Deep Brain Stimulation Think Tank: Updates in Neurotechnology and Neuromodulation, Volume II

Congratulations to Drs. Ramirez-Zamora and Okun on the publication of the editorial: “Deep Brain Stimulation Think Tank: Updates in Neurotechnology and Neuromodulation, Volume II,” which was published in the  June issue of Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.


The introduction of ever-newer technologies, improved software, and an increasing understanding of the cerebral anatomic and physiologic substrates involved in neurological and psychiatric conditions have all advanced research in neuromodulation, and its viable translation to clinical practice. In an effort to create a forum and nexus for stake and shareholders in techniques and technologies of deep brain stimulation (DBS) the group evolved into a freely interacting multidisciplinary group assembled to discuss challenges, problems, progress, and opportunities in the field. The first DBS Think Tank was convened in 2012 at the University of Florida, Gainesville FL. Since that initial meeting, the DBS Think Tank has grown, through the hybrid use of virtual and in-person resources to expand the involved number, and scope of worldwide participants from research, engineering, clinical, ethical-legal, and commercial disciplines. Since 2013, proceedings of the DBS Think Tank have been published and these highlight the most current and emerging work in the field. These published proceedings are open access and available to the public ( Recognizing that different geographical regions often face unique needs and challenges, and to better understand the specific opportunities and limitations of DBS approaches upon the contemporary global stage, several researchers from Asia and Oceania initiated a separate meeting mirroring the spirit and structure of the original DBS Think Tank. The first East DBS Think Tank took place in June 2019 in Kyoto Japan, and this was followed by a virtual meeting in China in December 2020 (due to travel constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic).

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