Faculty Directory

Neurology Faculty

 NamePositionDivisionResearch ExpertisePatient Care
Photo Dr. Aaron CarlsonAaron M. Carlson, MDAssistant Professor of Neurology Multiple Sclerosis & General NeurologyCognitive and movement disorders disorders and multiple sclerosisCognitive and movement disorders disorders and multiple sclerosis
Photo Leo AlmeidaLeonardo Almeida, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyMovement DisordersNeuromodulation and NeurotechnologyParkinson's disease and movement disorders, intraoperative microelectrode recording
Melissa ArmstrongMelissa Armstrong, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyMovement DisordersParkinson's Dementia and Lewy Body DiseaseParkinson's Disease Dementia, Lewy Body Disease
Photo Dr. Marc-Alain BabiMarc-Alain Babi, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyNeurocritical Care
Photo Maria BruzzoneMaria Bruzzone Giraldez, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyEpilepsy
Photo Dr Katharina BuslKatharina Busl, MDDivision Chief, Neurocritical Care

James E. Rooks, Jr. Professor and Co-Director NeuroICU at UF Health Shands

Associate Professor of Neurology
Neurocritical Care
Photo Dr. Miquel Chuquilin AristaMiguel Chuquilin, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyNeuromuscular & PainALS and Neuromuscular DisordersALS and Neuromuscular Disorders
Photo Jean CibulaJean Cibula, MDAssociate Professor of NeurologyEpilepsy
Dr. Wissam DeebWissiam Deeb, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyMovement DisordersTourette and NeurotechnologyParkinson's disease and Tourette
Photo Stephen DeKoskySteven T. DeKosky, MDRene Aerts/Virginia J. Cosper Professor of Alzheimer's Research

Deputy Director, McKnight Brain Institute

Associate Director Florida Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

Professor of Neurology
Behavioral & Cognitive Alzheimer's Disease
Photo Dr. EisenshenkStephen Eisenschenk, MDAssociate Professor of Neurology

Fellowship Director, Clinical Neurophysiology

Collaborator, Institute, for Mobility, Activity, and Participation
Photo Dr. David FitzGeraldDavid FitzGerald, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyBehavioral & Cognitive
Leslie Gonzalez-Rothi, MDLeslie Gonzalez-Rothi, MDProfessor EmeritusBehavioral & Cognitive
tirisham-gyang-multiple-sclerosisTirisham Gyang, MDAssistant Professor

William T. & Janice M. Neely Professor for Research in Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis & General NeurologyCognitive and movement disorders disorders and multiple sclerosisCognitive and movement disorders disorders and multiple sclerosis
Photo Dr. HeilmanKenneth M. Heilman, MDProfessor EmeritusBehavioral & Cognitive Behavioral Neurology, Alzheimer’s Disease, Neurodegenerative DiseasesMalcolm Randall VA Clinic
Maria Hella,  MDMaria Hella, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyEpilepsy
Image Christopher-W-HessChristopher Hess, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyMovement DisordersTremor, Dystonia, DBS, TcDS, MyoclonusParkinson's disease, tremor, myoclonus, movement disorders, physiological analysis of movement disorders, devices for measurement of movement disorders
Wei HuWei Hu, MD, PhDDirector, UF Health International Center

Assistant Professor
Movement DisordersTelemedicine and International MedicineTelemedicine and International Medicine
Photo Michael JaffeeMichael Jaffee, MDVice Chair, Department of Neurology

Bob Paul Family Professor of Neurology

Director, Trauma, Concussion and Sports Neurology TRACS)

Associate Professor
Behavioral & Cognitive Concussion, Chronic traumatic encephalopathy and associated movement and cognitive disorders; sleep disordersConcussion, Chronic traumatic encephalopathy and associated movement and cognitive disorders; sleep disorders
Photo Gridhar Kalamangalam, MDGiridhar Kalamangalam, MD, D.PhilChief, Epilepsy Division

Associate Professor of Neurology
EpilepsyNeurophysiology, Brain mapping, Neuromodulation, EpilepsyNeuromedicine Hospital
Yuqing Li, Ph.D.Yuquing Li, PhDProfessor of NeurologyMovement DisordersDystonia and Restless Legs SyndromeNone
Photo Dr. MacielCarolina Maciel, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyNeurocritical Care
Irene Malaty PhotoIrene A. Malaty, MDAssociate Professor of NeurologyMovement DisordersParkinson's Non-motor and TouretteParkinson's disease and Tourette
photo Demetrius M. Maraganore, MD, FAANDemetrius Maraganore, MDProfessor of NeurologyBehavioral & CognitiveBrain, Health, Memory Disorders, Alzheimer'sBrain Health and prevention of dementia
Image of Karen McFarlandKaren McFarland, PhDResearch Associate Professor of Neurology

Berman Fellow of Alzheimer's Disease
Movement DisordersAlzheimer's disease and neurodegenerationNone
Photo Dr. N McFarlandNikolaus McFarland, MD, PhDChief, Movement Disorder Division

Associate Professor of Neurology

Wright/Falls/Simmons Professor of PSP/Atypical Parkinson’s

Director, UF HDSA Center of Excellence
Movement DisordersAtypical parkinsonism, PSP, MSA, LBD, CBDParkinson's disease, atypical parkinsonisms, Huntington's disease
Photo Stephen NadeauStephen. E. Nadeau, MDAssociate Chief of Staff for Research, Malcom Randall VA Medical Center, Medical Director of the VA Brain Rehabilitation Research Center,
Professor of Neurology and Clinical and Health Psychology
Multiple Sclerosis & General Neurology
Nandakumar Nagaraja M.D.Nandakumar Nagaraja, MD, MSAssistant Professor of NeurologyStroke/Neurovascular
Michael Okun , MD - PhotoMichael Okun, MDAdelaide Lackner Professor and Chair of Neurology

Executive Director Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases

Medical Director, Parkinson’s Foundation
Movement DisordersNeuromodulation and NeurotechnologyDystonia, Parkinson's disease, Tremor, Tourette, Huntington's disease, OCD, Alzheimer's disease and movement disorders, intraoperative microelectrode recording
Yulia Y Orlova, MD - PhotoYulia Y. Orlova, MD, Phd, Assistant Professor of NeurologyNeuromuscular & Pain
Bhavana Patel, MDBhavana Patel, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyMovement DisordersLewy Body Disease and Parkinson'sLewy Body Disease and Parkinson's
Photo Addie PattersonAddie Patterson, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyMovement DisordersParkinson's and Palliative CareParkinson's disease, palliative care, movement disorders, intraoperative microelectrode recording
Michael Pizzi, MDMichael Pizzi, DO, PhDAssistant Professor of NeurologyNeurocritical Care
Photo: Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora, MDAdolfo Ramierz-Zamora, MDAssociate Professor of NeurologyMovement DisordersClinical Trials, Parkinson’s disease, parkinsonism, dystonia, Tourette, Ataxia, Botulinum Toxin Therapy and Deep Brain StimulationDystonia, Parkinson’s disease, parkinsonism, Tourette, Ataxia, Huntington’s, uncommon movement disorders, botulinum toxin and deep brain stimulation
Dr. Diego Rincon-LimasDiego E. Rincon-Limas, PhDAssistant Professor of NeurologyBehavioral & CognitiveAlzheimer's and dementia, fly models of diseaseNone
Christopher RobinsonChris Robinson, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyNeurocritical Care
Photo: HANS SHUHAIBER, MDHans H. Shuhaiber, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyMultiple Sclerosis & General Neurology
Dr. Alexis Simpkins PhotoAlexis Simpkins, MD, PhDAssistant Professor of NeurologyStroke/Neurovascular
photo Dr. SubramonyS.H. Subramony, MDDivision Chief and Professor of NeurologyNeuromuscular & PainALS and Neuromuscular DisordersALS and Neuromuscular Disorders
Photo: Dr. William TriggsWilliam Triggs, MDAssociate Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry

Chief, Neurology Services Malcom Randall VA Medical Center
Neuromuscular & Pain
Photo Dr. ShuklaAparna A. Wagle Shukla, MDAssociate Professor of NeurologyMovement DisordersDystonia, Parkinson, TMS and NeuromodulationDystonia and Parkinson, intraoperative microelectrode recording
Photo Yue WangYue Wang, MD, PhDAssistant Professor of NeurologyEpilepsy
Neal WeisbrodNeal Weisbrod, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyBehavioral & CognitivePalliative Care, Memory Disorders, Alzheimer's, DementiasPalliative Care
Christina Wilson, MD, Vascular neurology assistant professorChristina A Wilson MDChief, Neurovascular Division

Director, Neurology Residencey Program

Assistant Professor of Neurology
Photo: James Wymer, MD, PhD, NeurologyJames Wymer, MDMelvin Greer Professor of Neurology

Director of Neuromuscular Division
Neuromuscular & PainALS and Neuromuscular DisordersALS and Neuromuscular Disorders
Photo Fumiaki YokoiFumiaki Yokoi, PhDAssistant Professor/ScientistMovement Disorders
Anna Khanna, MDAnna Khanna Yuzefovich, MDAssistant Professor of NeurologyStroke/Neurovascular
Vinata-Vedam-MaiVinata Vedman-Mai, PhDResearch Assistant Professor of NeurologyMovement DisordersCognitive and movement disorders disorders and multiple sclerosisNone
Latrice WilliamsLatrice Williams, BSW, MSWSocial WorkerMovement DisordersNoneSocial Work
Jacqueline Baron-Lee, Ph.D.Jacqueline Baron-Lee, PhDDirector, Quality ImprovementQuality Improvement
Jana Unislawski, M.A.Jana Unislawski, MASocial WorkerMovement DisordersSocial Work Movement Disorders, Alzheimer's, ALS, TBI, MS, ADSocial Work
Matthew FarrerMatthew Farrer, PhD.Program Director & ProfessorMovement DisordersGenetics of Parkinson’s, Dystonia, Dementias and Movement DisordersNone
Matthew LaVoieMatthew LaVoie, PhDMovement DisordersParkinson's disease, molecular biology, geneticsNone
Headshot Bernadette NazarioBernadette Nazario-LópezClinical Assistant ProfessorNeuromuscular & Pain
Julie SeguraJulie SeguraAssistant Director of Clinical TrialsMovement Disorders
Yasmin MohiuddinYasmin S MohiuddinClinical Assistant ProfessorBehavioral & Cognitive
Alexandra Issa Roach, MDAlexandra Issa Roach, MDAssistant ProfessorMultiple Sclerosis & General Neurology

Affiliated Faculty

 NamePositionDepartmentAffiliated Division
Peggy BorumPeggy BorumProfessorPediatric NeurologyEpilepsy
Russell BauerRussell BauerProfessor and Program DirectorClinical and Health PsychologyEpilepsy
Prodip BoseProdip K BoseAssociate ProfessorCollege of Veterinary Medicine
David BorcheltDavid BorcheltProfessorNeuroscienceBehavioral and Cognitive Neurology
Frank BovaFrank BovaProfessorNeuroscienceMovement Disorders
Dawn BowersDawn BowersProfessorClinical and Health PsychologyMovement Disorders
Eduardo Candelario-JalilEduardo Candelario-JalilAssociate ProfessorNeuroscience
Paramita ChakrabartyParamita ChakrabartyAssistant ProfessorNeuroscience
Evangelos A. ChristouEvangelos A ChristouProfessorCollege of Health & Human Performance
Applied Physiology and Kinesiology
Movement Disorders
Linda CottlerLinda CottlerAssociate Dean for Research and PlanningDepartment of Epidemiology,
College of Medicine and College of Public Health and Health Professions
Movement Disorders
MINGZHOU DINGMingzhou DingDistinguished Professor & J. Crayton Pruitt Family ProfessorBiomedical EngineeringBehavioral and Cognitive
Sylvain DoreSylvain DoréProfessor of Anesthesiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, and NeuroscienceAnesthesiologyStroke/Neurovascular
Kelly FooteKelly D FooteLillian S Wells Professor

Co-Director, Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases

Donnellan/Einstein/Merz Professor of Functional Neurosurgery
NeurosurgeryMovement Disorders
Foster-TomThomas C FosterProfessor & Evelyn F. McKnight Chair for Research on Cognitive Aging and MemoryNeuroscienceBehavioral and Cognitive Neurology
W-Christopher-FoxW. Christopher FoxAssociate ProfessorNeurosurgeryStroke/Neurovascular
william friedmanWilliam A FriedmanProfessor And Chairman EmeritusNeurosurgery
Fuller davidDavid FullerAssistant ProfessorPhysical TherapyMovement Disorders
Benoit GiassonBenoit GiassonAssociate ProfessorNeuroscienceMovement Disorders
Todd GoldeTodd E GoldeDirector, McKnight Brain Institute

NeuroscienceMovement Disorders
Aysegul GunduzAysegul GunduzAssociate Professor, J. Crayton Pruitt Family Term Fellow & Diversity OfficerBiomedical Engineering
Chris HassChris HassProfessor
Associate Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs
College of Health & Human Performance
Applied Physiology and KinesiologyMovement Disorders
Shelley HeatonShelly HeatonClinical Associate Professor
Director, UF Health Psychology Clinic
Clinical & Health PsychologyMovement Disorders
Photo Dr. Brian HohBrian L HohProfessor and Chair, NeurosurgeryNeurosurgeryMovement Disorders
Judy_JackJack JudyProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Peter KangPeter B KangChief and Professor, Pediatric NeurologyPediatric NeurologyNeuromuscular
Anthony MancusoAnthony MancusoProfessor and Chair, NeuroradiologyNeuroradiologyStroke/Neurovascular
David meurerDavid A MeurerAssistant ProfessorEmergency MedicineStroke/Neurovascular
Gordon MitchellGordon S MitchellProfessorPhysical Therapy
Lucia-NotterpekLucia NotterpekChair and ProfessorNeuroscienceMovement Disorders
Kevin OttoKevin OttoAssociate ProfessorBiomedical Engineering
keith petersKeith PetersAssociate ProfessorNeuroradiology
Emily PlowmanEmily K PlowmanAssociate ProfessorSpeech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Adam PolifkaAdam PolifkaAssistant ProfessorNeurosurgery
Catherine PriceCatherine PriceAssociate ProfessorClinical and Health PsychologyBehavioral and Cognitive Neurology
Jose PrincipeJose PrinicipeDistinguished Professor

BellSouth Professor

Director of Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory

IEEE Fellow
Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory (CNEL)
Ronald QuislingRonald QuislingProfessor and Chief, RadiologyRadiology
Laura RanumLaura RanumProfessorMolecular Genetics and Microbiology
Steven A. RobicsekSteven RobicsekProfessor of Anesthesiology

Director, Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship
Heather SimpsonHeather SimpsonSoutheast Regional TAA Centers of Excellence Coordinator

Occupational Therapist – UF Health Rehab
Movement DisordersSoutheast Regional TAA Centers of Excellence Coordinator

Occupational Therapist – UF Health Rehab
Glenn SmithGlenn SmithChair and ProfessorClinical and Health Psychology
Lee SweeneyLee SweeneyProfessor Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Floyd J. ThompsonFloyd ThompsonProfessor EmeritusNeuroscience
Adrian TyndallAdrian TyndallAssistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
David Vaillancourt, Ph.D.,David VallancourtProfessorDepartment of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology
Krista VanderborneKrista VandenborneChairPhysical Therapy
Herb WardHerbert WardAssociate ProfessorPsychiatry