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Life and Coronaviruses

By Jean Cibula, MD, FAES Well, this isn’t quite the item that I had planned to write.  My original intention was to talk about diets for the New Year. Obviously, I procrastinated. Maybe next time. I’m sure everyone is following the news about COVID- 19. We at the University of Florida…

What Parkinson’s patients should know about COVID-19

A new U.S. News and World Report story highlights efforts by University of Florida experts Drs. Michael Okun & Frederick Southwick to educate patients with Parkinson’s about COVID-19. Access the article and view the Parkinson’s Foundation‘s Facebook Live videos: …

ONLINE: Ask the Expert: Facebook Live Q&A with Dr. Okun

Join us on Wednesday, March 25 for a live Q&A with our National Medical Director Dr. Michael S. Okun! Dr. Okun will be answering YOUR questions about Parkinson’s disease and the COVID-19 coronavirus, and give you tips about the precautions you and your loved ones should take to stay healthy.

Coronavirus and Parkinson’s disease

On Wednesday, March 18, University of Florida experts Michael S. Okun, M.D., chair of neurology, and Frederick S. Southwick, M.D., an infectious disease expert, led a Parkinson’s Foundation Facebook Live event answering questions from the Parkinson’s community about how coronavirus and impacts patients and their families. See the video of…