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Neurology Grand Rounds

This Week’s Grand rounds topic “Neurology Clinical Pathophysiological Case Conference” presented by Varalakshmi Ballur Narayana Reddy, MD…

Genomic Relationships, Novel Loci, and Pleiotropic Mechanisms across Eight Psychiatric Disorders

Congratulations Dr. Okun and the Cross-Disorder Group of Psychiatric Genomics Consortium on the publication of “Genomic Relationships, Novel Loci, and Pleiotropic Mechanisms across Eight Psychiatric Disorders,” in the December issue of Cell. Summary Genetic influences on psychiatric disorders transcend diagnostic boundaries, suggesting substantial pleiotropy of contributing loci.

Congratulations Dr. Alexis Simpkins!

Congratulations to Dr. Simpkins on the acceptance of her abstract to the HEADS-UP Pre-Conference Symposium 2020 at the International Stroke Conference, in Los Angeles, California.   She has additionally been selected to receive an Early Stage Investigator Travel Award for her abstract, Impact of Race-Ethnic and Economic Disparities on Rates of…

UFHealth Epilepsy Team attends American Epilepsy Society Meeting

UFHealth epilepsy team chomps at the American Epilepsy Society Meeting in Baltimore, MD (Dec 2019). The AES is the world’s largest annual gathering of epilepsy healthcare professionals, drawing 6000 delegates to discuss and share the latest advances in the field.

Cognitive Changes and the Aging Brain

Congratulations Drs. Nadeau and Heilman on the publication of “Cognitive Changes and the Aging Brain”, published by the Cambridge University Press. Contributors. (2019). In K. Heilman & S. Nadeau (Eds.), Cognitive Changes and the Aging Brain (pp. Viii-X). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Brain Aging and Creativity & Changes in Emotion and Mood with Aging

Congratulations to Dr. Kenneth Heilman on the publication of two chapters; Brain Aging and Creativity and Changes in Emotion and Mood with Aging.  Both are found in Cognitive Changes of the Aging Brain, published by Cambridge University Press and available at   Introduction: One of the greatest of human…

How does deep brain stimulation affect swimming?

A recent report showed that some Parkinson’s patients who had deep brain stimulation experienced difficulty swimming following the surgery. Dr. Michael Okun, executive director of the Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases at …