David B. FitzGerald, MD

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David FitzGerald is a neurologist specializing in behavioral neurology using functional neuroimaging. Dr. FitzGerald completed his medical internship at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton, MA in 2001. He subsequently completed his neurology residency at UMass Medical Center in 2004. Dr. FitzGerald joined the University of Florida community in 2004 as a Neurology Fellow under Kenneth M Heilman, MD.

He has strong research interests in cognitive neuroscience and functional magnetic resonance imaging. His current functional imaging projects include: diffusion tensor imaging of traumatic brain injury; clinical trial investigation as to the effectiveness of Donepizil on Alzheimer’s disease; and pathological gambling behavior.

Awards and Recognition

The Nickols Award “For exemplary scholarship, teaching and compassionate care in the Neurology Residency, in the tradition of Jess Nickols, MD” – June 2004
Resident Travel Award- National Epifellows Foundation – 2004
Systems-Based Practice Competency Award (University of Massachusetts Medical School Neurology Department) – June 2003 & June 2004
Resident Travel Award- American Academy of Neurology  – 2003 & 2004
Nominated for Intern of the Year at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center – 2000
Volunteer- Massachusetts General Hospital 2000+ hours – 1996

Professional Society Memberships

Society for Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology – 2005-present
American Academy of Neurology – 2002-present
Massachusetts Medical Society – 2000-present
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – 1973-presen


Graduate Division of the Wharton School of Commerce and Finance,  University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (MBA) – 1980
Lafayette College, Easton, PA (BSEE) – 1976

Medical Education

University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA (MD) – 2000


Medical Intern, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Brighton, MA – 2001


Neurology Resident, University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center, Worcester, MA – 2004


Behavioral Neurology Fellow, University of Florida Medical School, Gainesville, FL – 2006


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