Fumiaki Yokoi, Ph.D.

Photo Fumiaki YokoiFumiaki Yokoi, Ph.D.

Assistant Scientist

Phone:  (352) 273-6631
Fax:  (352) 273-5989


Department of Neurology
PO Box 100236
1600 SW Archer Road, R4-146
Gainesville, FL 32610-0236

Education and Training

Department of Biochemistry, Faculty Science, Saitama University, Japan (1984-1988) B.Sc.
Department of Biology, Graduate School Science, Nagoya University, Japan (1988 -1990) M.Sc.
Department of Biology, Graduate School Science, Nagoya University, Japan (1990 -1994) Ph.D.

Professional Information


  • 1987 – present The Japanese Biochemical Society
  • 1992 – present  The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
  • 2003 – present  Society for Neuroscience, USA.


  • 1990 -1992  Predoctoral fellowship, The Japan Scholarship Foundation
  • 1992 Fellowship for researchers traveling overseas, Nishiaki Scholarship Foundation
  • 1992 -1994 Predoctoral fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
  • 1995 -1996 Grant-in -Aid for Scientific Research (No. 07770086.) from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan


  • US Patent: TF05059/A06421,  Differential Contributions of TorsinA Protein and a Novel Treatment Strategy for Oppenheim’s Dystonia; Inventors: Yuqing Li, Mai Tu Dang,  Fumiaki Yokoi; Date filed: 10/11/2005

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Koike, E., Toda, S., Yokoi, F., Izuhara, K., Koike, N., Itoh, K., Miyazaki, K., Sugihara, H. (2006) Expression of new human inorganic pyrophosphatase in thyroid diseases: its intimate association with hyperthyroidism. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 341, 691-696.
  2. Yokoi, F., Dang, M. T., Li, J., Li, Y. (2006) Myoclonus, motor deficits, alterations in emotional responses and monoamine metabolism in ε-sarcoglycan deficient mice. J. Biochem. 140, 141-146
  3. Dang, M. T., Yokoi, F., Yin, H., Lovinger, D. M., Wang, Y., Li, Y. (2006) Disrupted motor learning and long-term synaptic plasticity in mice lacking NMDAR1 in the striatum. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 103, 15254-15259
  4. Dang, M. T., Yokoi, F., Pence, M. A., Li, Y. (2006) Motor Deficits and hyperactivity in Dyt1 knockdown mice. Neurosci. Res. 56, 470-474.
  5. Yokoi, F., Dang, M. T., Mitsui, S., Li, J., Li, Y. (2008) Motor deficits and hyperactivity in cerebral cortex-specific Dyt1 conditional knockout mice. J. Biochem.143, 39-47.
  6. Yokoi, F., Dang, M. T., Miller, C. A., Marshall, A. G., Campbell, S. L., Sweatt, J. D., Li, Y. (2009) Increased c-fos expression in the central nucleus of the amygdala and enhancement of cued fear memory in Dyt1 ΔGAG knock-in mice. Neurosci. Res. 65, 228-235.
  7. Mitsui, S., Osako, Y., Yokoi, F., Dang, M. T., Yuri, K., Li, Y., Yamaguchi, N. (2009) A mental retardation gene, motopsin/neurotrypsin/prss12, modulates hippocampal function and social interaction. Eur. J. Neurosci. 30, 2368-2378.
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  10. DeAndrade, M. P., Yokoi, F., van Groen, T., Lingrel, J. B., Li, Y. (2011) Characterization of Atp1a3 mutant mice as a model of rapid-onset dystonia with parkinsonism. Behav. Brain Res. 216, 659-665.
  11. Zhang, L., Yokoi, F., Jin, Y-H., DeAndrade, M. P., Hashimoto, K., Standaert, D. G., Li, Y. (2011)  Altered dendritic morphology of Purkinje cells in Dyt1 ΔGAG knock-in and Purkinje cell-specific  Dyt1 conditional knockout mice. PLoS ONE, 6, e18357.
  12. Yokoi, F., Dang, M. T., Li, J., Standaert, D. G., Li, Y. (2011) Motor Deficits and Decreased Striatal Dopamine Receptor 2 Binding Activity in the Striatum-Specific Dyt1 conditional knockout mice. PLoS ONE, 6, e24539.
  13. DeAndrade MP, Zhang L, Doroodchi A, Yokoi, F, Cheetham CC, Chen HX, Roper SN, Sweatt JD, and Li Y. (2012). Enhanced hippocampal long-term potentiation and fear memory in Btbd9 mutant mice. PLoS One, in press.
  14. Zhang, L., Yokoi, F., Parsons, D. S., Standaert, D. G., Li, Y. (2012) Alteration of Striatal Dopaminergic Neurotransmission in a Mouse Model of DYT11 Myoclonus-Dystonia. PLoS One, published 16 Mar 2012, 10.1371/journal.pone.0033669
  15. Yokoi, F, Dang, M., Li, Y. (2012) Improved motor performance in Dyt1 ΔGAG heterozygous knock-in mice by cerebellar Purkinje-cell specific Dyt1 conditional knocking-out. Behav Brain Res. 2012 Feb 25. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 22391119
  16. Yokoi, F, Dang, M., Zhou, T., Li, Y. (2012) Abnormal nuclear envelopes in the striatum and motor deficits in DYT11 myoclonus-dystonia mouse models. Human Mol. Genet. Feb 15; 21(4):916-25. Epub 2011 Nov 11. PMID: 22080833
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