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What makes us unique?

Aging, Behavioral & Cognitive (ABC)

The Division is the home for the state-funded UF Memory Disorders Center, many collaborations with neuropsychology (inclusive of a university inter-disciplinary center), and a number of collaborations with the McKnight Brain Institute/Fixel Institutes. In addition to coordinating memory clinic initiatives, the Division directs and coordinates many of the activities of the Trauma, Concussion, and Sports (TRACS) Neuromedicine (TRACS) program and the newly formed UF Brain Health program.

Brain synopsis (neurons)

Our programs


The TRACS program goes beyond the traditional compartments and silos of clinicians and researchers. The concept acknowledges that concussion and traumatic brain injury are complicated challenges that require teams to advance our knowledge and care. The program creates synergy and innovation by serving as a hub to facilitate connection and teamwork.

Brain Health


About Our Research

Retrospective Data Collection to evaluate the utility of Cognitive Screening in the UF Healthcare Preoperative Anesthesia Clinic

The purpose of the study is to collect data on patients who were and were not flagged for cognitive testing in the PeCAN (Perioperative Cognitive and Anesthesia Network) Clinic. These data will be used to evaluate the utility of a cognitive screening protocol by examining the role of assessing cognitive health on patient outcomes during the perioperative period.

Research Registry for Cognitive, MRI, Biomarker Predicting Cognitive Change

Some researchers may develop new tests to find diseases. Others may develop new ways to treat or even cure diseases. In the future, some of the research may help to develop new products, such as tests and drugs. Some research looks at diseases that are passed on in families. Research done with your medical information, MRI and tissue samples may look for genetic causes and signs of disease.

Our fellowship programs



The fellow will work closely with the UF Health Trauma, Concussion, and Sports Neurology, or TRACS, Program and affiliated professionals. This fellowship will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of TBI, with emphasis on teen and adult sports concussions, and exposure to TBI in outpatient settings. UF is a unique environment, which offers training in an elite NCAA Division I athletic program at a top-tier public university with a Level 1 trauma center.

Fellowship in Behavioral Neurology

Our goals are to improve fellows’ skills in providing clinical care and performing research. The clinical program is designed to have our fellows enhance their clinical skills by seeing patients with neurocognitive deficits from diseases, such as degenerative dementia, with our attending physicians. Our research program is designed to train clinicians to perform research in preparation for a primarily academic career.