Behavioral and Cognitive Disorders Patients

Preparing for your clinic visit

Thank you for choosing the UF Memory and Cognitive Disorders Clinic. Be prepared to spend a several hours during your visit at the clinic. Here is a checklist of the things that you will need to bring with you or have prepared before your visit:

  • Any MRIs, CTs of your brain preferable on a CD or film. Reports are good, but CDs are better. If necessary, we can order these items for you.
  • All your medication bottles.
  • Any lab tests done for cognitive problems, bring with you. Do not mail or fax them to the clinic.
  • Bring your New Patient Information Form and Caregiver forms filled out before you arrive. If you forget to bring your forms, you will be provided a copy of the forms to fill out at the clinic.
  • Doctor’s notes about memory and cognitive problems.
  • If possible, bring someone who knows you well to provide any details that the doctor might request.

At the time of your initial appointment, you will be given an opportunity to consent to have your medical information stored in a research and clinical database for current and future research projects if you so choose. If you have any questions prior to your visit, please call (352) 265-8408. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Other Useful Information for Patients