Epilepsy Resources

photo: Resourrces

The list below points to some useful resources for patients and their families.

Epilepsy Foundation

A good, reliable source of information about epilepsy and resources available for patients. To learn more about types of seizures and epilepsy syndromes, click on the “Learn” tab within the website.

American Epilepsy Society

The AES is the world’s biggest organization for epilepsy-involved professionals – physicians, nurses, technologists, researchers and patient advocates. Get up-to-date highlights about the latest research and cutting-edge treatments, and learn about the annual conference, the biggest such meeting worldwide.

Epilepsy Florida

(the new name for Epilepsy Foundation of Florida)

A resource for support groups, education, advocacy and assistance for patients with epilepsy lacking insurance.

North American AED Pregnancy Registry

With more information from all pregnant women taking anti-seizure medications, doctors can make informed decisions when treating their condition during pregnancy. The North American AED (Antiepileptic Drug) Pregnancy Registry is collecting this information to help find the answers now. Every pregnant woman who enrolls with The Registry brings knowledge one step closer.

Florida DMV Medical Reporting/Medical Review

Process website (replaces state guidelines for driver applicants link). This site has basic contact information from the DMV Medical Board.

The programs below can help reduce the cost of medication or provide free medication to those without or with limited prescription insurance coverage


(links to patient assistance programs and drug discounts for many medications)


(discounts on generic medications)

RxOutreach pharmacy

For brand medications, many companies offer copay assistance coupons to reduce costs for those with commercial insurance. Always check the website for the brand drug to see if there is a coupon available for that drug.