Wilder Center for Epilepsy Research

Photo of Mr & Mrs Wilder

Endowed by Dr. BJ and Mrs. Eve Wilder

B Joe Wilder, MD, was a pivotal figure in the establishment of epilepsy services at the University of Florida. In 2012, the vision and generosity of Mrs Eve and Dr BJ Wilder resulted in the creation of an interdisciplinary epilepsy research center. Today, the Wilder Endowment supports epilepsy-related research and funds two faculty endowments at UF, the Wilder Family Professorship and the BJ and Eve Wilder Professorship.

The Wilder Center supports research in epilepsy and the brain science around epilepsy outside of clinical trials. The mandate of the Center is broad and essentially focuses on the interests of its members and affiliates. Presently, there are specific programs in the areas of brain dynamics and neuroimaging, but we welcome all areas of neuroscience with a connection to epilepsy. Faculty affiliates across the UF campus are always welcome.

The Wilder Center for Epilepsy Research will host its annual update in a virtual format on Friday, March 19th, 2021. UF epilepsy researchers will present their ongoing work with time allocated for discussion with our virtual audience. Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Patrick Chauvel (Marseilles, France and University of Pittsburgh), the 2021 Wilder Visiting Professor of Epilepsy.

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