Research Update 2019

The inaugural Wilder Center Epilepsy research Update evening was held on Thursday March 21, 2019.  From 6-8 pm, UF epilepsy researchers gathered at the De Weese Room in the McKnight Brain Institute to share and talk briefly about their ongoing work. The program included the talks below

  • Dynamic methods for epilepsy MRI: Giri Kalamangalam, MD (Neurology) & Tom Mareci, PhD (AMRIS)
  • EEG synchronization, physiological and pathological: Alex Cerquera, PhD & Giri Kalamangalam, MD (Neurology)
  • Exploring brain connectivity with MRI: Tom Mareci, PhD (AMRIS)
  • Acute brain injury and electrophysiologic signatures: Carolina Maciel, MD (Neurology)
  • A deeper look at memory and learning: Sarah Long, BS, Brandon Parks, BS & Jose Alcantara, BS (BME)

Speakers and attendees then enjoyed a wine reception and a fine buffet dinner at Harrell Medical Education Building of UF College of Medicine.

The Wilder Update evening will be an annually recurring event every spring. 

For more information about the Annual Update, or any other aspect of the activities of the Wilder Center at the University of Florida, contact Amanda James at