Genetics Medicine in Neurology Clinic

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Genetic medicine in neurology Clinic

The University of Florida Department of neurology, now specializes in the care of adults with genetic disorders.  The adult genetics clinic at UF neurology takes care of all of adults beyond the age of 18, with a suspected or known diagnosis of an underlying genetic disease.  Our clinic focuses on diseases, that are at the, intersection between neurology and genetics.  Examples of the diseases include the following:

  1. Intellectual disability in adulthood, many diseases that have been labeled as cerebral palsy by primary care physicians and family physicians, could be due to a balanced chromosomal translocations, or micro-deletions or duplications in chromosome structure.   These diseases can lead to, a form of intellectual disability other than cerebral palsy.  The genetics in medicine clinic evaluates those patients and provide families and patients with accurate diagnosis and better clinical services.
  2. Genetic diseases of the nervous system include neuromuscular diseases such as myopathies and muscular dystrophies.  Movement disorders such as Huntington disease spinocerebellar ataxia.  Dementia such as familial Alzheimer disease and frontotemporal dementia.  Familial prion diseases.  An unexplained neuromuscular and neurological symptom.
  3. Mitochondrial disorders–multidisciplinary team at the University of Florida neurology department focuses and optimize clinical care by specialist knowledgeable with a group of condition known as mitochondrial disorders.  We also participate in the North American mitochondrial disease Consortium.
  4. Adult onset adrenoleukodystrophy.  Neurology clinics have been experiencing increasing numbers of patients with adrenomyeloneuropathy.  Genetics in neurology clinic evaluates patients with adrenoleukodystrophy.

If you are a patient suffering from a genetic disease in adulthood, and cannot find a geneticist to see you please do not hesitate to contact me.   I will be delighted to review your medical record, and assist you in reaching a correct genetic diagnosis.

Hans H. Shuhaiber MD

For an appointment please call   (352) 294-5000,  FAX: (352) 627-4295 or email