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Behavioral & Cognitive

The University of Florida Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology Clinics are dedicated to providing quality diagnostic evaluations and treatment recommendations for those suffering from memory and cognitive disorders such as language disorders (speaking, reading and/or writing),  a decline in activities of daily living or job performance, spatial disorders such as getting lost in the neighborhood or home, facial and emotional recognition, executive disorders such as difficulty with decisions-making, planning activities, or completing tasks; apathy,  and  inappropriate behaviors.

Brain synopsis (neurons)

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Division Chief

Michael Jaffee, M.D., FAAN, FANA

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Our fellowship

Fellowship in Behavioral Neurology

Our goals are to improve fellows’ skills in providing clinical care and performing research. The clinical program is designed to have our fellows enhance their clinical skills by seeing patients with neurocognitive deficits from diseases, such as degenerative dementia, with our attending physicians. Our research program is designed to train clinicians to perform research in preparation for a primarily academic career.