About Behavioral and Cognitive

The University of Florida Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology Clinics are dedicated to providing quality diagnostic evaluations and treatment recommendations for those suffering from memory and cognitive disorders such as language disorders (speaking, reading and/or writing),  a decline in activities of daily living or job performance, spatial disorders such as getting lost in the neighborhood or home, facial and emotional recognition, executive disorders such as difficulty with decisions-making, planning activities, or completing tasks; apathy,  and  inappropriate behaviors. As an academic program, we also provide opportunities to participate in innovative research designed to increase the understanding of the brain and diseases that cause brain dysfunction, such as Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular dementias or many other kinds of progressive dementias, as well as to test promising new therapies for these  diseases.

The University of Florida Memory Disorder Clinics’ is one of the Memory Disorder Clinics/Centers that receive partial support from the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative, a Florida-wide program addressing the concerns of people in Florida who are dealing with degenerative diseases such Alzheimer’s disease, cerebrovascular disorders and other diseases of the brain that can cause memory and cognitive disorders.

Our evaluation team  of physicians, psychologists and counselors provide a detailed consultative medical and cognitive evaluation. The team summarizes the evaluation in a detailed letter to the referring primary care physician(s); the intention of the detailed report to help them follow up on recommended tests and therapies. We are available to referring physicians and to the family with ongoing consults regarding questions, discussion, or recommendations regarding long-term care management.