Multi-Center Observational Studies

Cyclic Alternating Pattern of Encephalopathy


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the significance of cyclic alternating pattern of encephalopathy (CAPE) in patients undergoing continuous EEG monitoring. We aim to study clinical associations with the development and resolution of CAPE. Partnership with University of North Carolina.

Cardiac Arrest Task Force

Retrospective study among members of the Critical Care EEG Monitoring Research Consortium evaluating the prognostic value and the relationship of neuroimaging and electroencephalogram findings with the outcomes of patients who were successfully resuscitated after a cardiac arrest.

Multimodal Characterization of outcomes in Cardiac Arrest


Retrospective study of all cardiac arrest patients who were unconscious at least 24 hours post-cardiac arrest and underwent neuroprognostic assessments. Partnership with Yale University, and Boston Medical Center.

Moderate TBI

This is a retrospective review of patients admitted to the hospital with moderate traumatic brain injury in order to collect data that is standard of care to re-categorize these moderate patients in attempts to validate a previously defined scale for severity. This study is a collaboration with Mayo Clinic Rochester and Boston Medical Center.

Post-Anoxic Status Epilepticus

Retrospective study of all cardiac arrest patients who developed status epilepticus post-cardiac arrest. Partnership with Mayo Clinic, and Versailles Hospital.