Survey Studies


Transdisciplinary survey study assessing the utilization of ketogenic diet and to identify potential barriers for its implementation in adults with status epilepticus. Collaboration with Hopkins University.

TTM Barriers

Partnership with Emergency Medicine department.
There remains significant heterogeneity in the application of targeted temperature management (TTM) despite international guidelines. We aim to assess physician perceptions, attitudes, and understanding of TTM in the post-cardiac arrest setting. In addition to this, we seek to assess the implications of new trial data regarding the efficacy of TTM in improving neurologic outcomes. This survey is being disseminated to members of Society for Critical Care Medicine, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, American Academy of Neurology.


Our goal with this study is to determine whether treatment of epileptiform and ictal-interictal continuum (IIC) activity on electroencephalography (EEG) impacts clinical outcomes after cardiac arrest, including survival, neurologic function and health-related quality of life.

De-escalation after Status Epilepticus

This study aims to characterize the practices surrounding de-escalation of anti-seizure medications and EEG utilization in patients who remain admitted after resolution of status epilepticus.