Systematic Reviews

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Bias in Neuroprognostication


Self-fulfilling prophecy bias is a major contaminator of studies addressing outcome prediction performance of neuroprognostic tools. We are conducting a series of systematic reviews for individual acute neurologic disease processes to assess for the evaluation and report of factors that may impact the degree of this type of bias in outcome prediction studies (CRD42021271923, CRD42021276343, CRD42021276539, CRD42021276543).

Review of Novel Therapeutics in Cardiac Arrest


This collaboration with Emergency Medicine department is a systematic review and meta-analysis (PROSPERO CRD42021230216) of on prospective human studies investigating neurotherapeutics post-cardiac arrest with a primary focus on impact on functional neurologic outcome.

Unveiling the Reporting & Representation of Race and Ethnicity in Acute Interventional Neurology Clinical Trials

Individuals from racial and ethnic minorities are typically underrepresented in randomized trials, leading to reduced generalizability of results. We are conducting a systematic review to assess the composition of race and ethnicity in acute neurology trials, with the goal of understanding to which extent study populations in these reflect population demographics (CRD42024544072).