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Center for Excellence in Care in Neurofibromatosis at UF HEALTH

The Center for Excellence in Care in Neurofibromatosis at UF HEALTH provides comprehensive and exceptional care for patients and families affected with NF. We are designated clinic as a member of the NFCN ( Neurofibromatosis Clinical network). We are also members of the NF Foundation and Network.

What is a Neurocutaneous Syndrome?

A broad term for a group of neurologic (NEURO – brain, spine, and peripheral nerve) disorders that involve other parts of the body, and prominently the skin (CUTANEOUS). These diseases are lifelong conditions that affect the nervous system and other organ systems, and require comprehensive evaluation and follow up by expert physicians.

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The Neurofibromatosis Center at UF  is now a member of NFCN network.

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Get Information on the ReNeu NF1 Plexiform Neurofibroma Clinical Trial

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SpringWorks Therapeutics and the ReNeu Trial for NF1-Related Plexiform Neurofibromas

SpringWorks is conducting a Phase 2b clinical trial (the “ReNeu trial”) with their investigational MEK inhibitor called mirdametinib in children and adults with NF1-associated plexiform neurofibromas (NF1-PN). During the webinar, people will learn about the differences between NF1 and NF2, what plexiform neurofibromas are, and more about mirdametinib and the ReNeu trial. Speakers include Dr. Mary Smith, Chief Development Officer of SpringWorks and members of her team who are responsible for helping to conduct the ReNeu trial.

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INFER Masterclasses

This is a link to various masterclasses via video presented by INFER (International NF Education Resources). These classes are available in 7 language.

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