UF Trauma, Concussion, and Sports Neuromedicine (TRACS) Overview

Overarching Concept

Integrate and build upon foundation to develop world class center of excellence for treatment, research, and education in Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury.  This would cover spectrum of care and timeline of management in all settings. 

Key Concepts

The TRACS program goes beyond the traditional compartments and silos of clinicians and researchers.  The concept acknowledges that concussion and traumatic brain injury are complicated challenges that require teams to advance our knowledge and care. The program creates synergy and innovation by serving as a hub to facilitate connection and teamwork. 

The hub model links clinicians, researchers, and educators allowing us to “Learn as We Heal.” Pertinent clinical issues guide the research while innovations from research are rapidly disseminated into practice.

Science, Practice and Collaboration for Recovery

Our new tracks can have multiple meanings to include:

  • New brain pathways (plasticity)
  • New clinical pathways for care
  • New paths to recovery
  • New community systems
  • New connections

Additional Information

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TRACS Flow Chart

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