Expectations and Responsibilities

Our rotation is an opportunity to practice the skills that will set you up for success throughout your career, which can be succinctly described by the 3 A’s, in order of importance:


Which means (1) being physically and mentally present, and (2) being ready and willing to meaningfully contribute to patient care and team function.



You really don’t have to do much to be perceived as affable, yet it is frequently cited as a barrier for physicians leading teams, progressing through the stages of their career, etc. If you show up to this rotation prepared and engaged, framing the experience as an opportunity to get better regardless of career path, and avoid unprofessional comments, you should be fine.



Putting in the work to be competent and knowledgeable. This is where most medical students are used to being evaluated. It is important for obvious reasons, and we will place significant weight on the knowledge you gain during your rotation. However, be aware that in the real world, no amount of knowledge is going to overcome being unavailable or unfriendly, so don’t lose sight of #1 and #2!


Concretely, Student expectations are: