Message from the Directors

Welcome to your Neurology rotation! You will spend the next few weeks learning about one of the few organ systems that directly interfaces with basically every other organ and plays a role in countless physiologic processes. Your nervous system is essentially a mixture of molecules and electrochemical potentials that holds in it your ability to move, speak, feel, see while also housing your memories, your preferences, your personality, etc. As you can imagine, Neurology can get really sophisticated, and there are numerous subspecialties of neurology to account for the complexity – ranging from cognitive, neuroimmunology, and neuromuscular to neurovascular, epilepsy, and neurocritical care.

When considering the intricacies of the nervous system, it can quickly become overwhelming and it should come as no surprise that “neurophobia” is a well-established phenomenon in medicine – in simple terms, the nervous system is scary for a lot of us. Simultaneously, because it is so ubiquitous in the human body, you are likely to run into neurological disease regardless of your future career path – be it neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, ENT, or dermatology, etc.

Luckily, as far as we’re concerned, Neurology can be pretty easy if you spend time to understand the basic concepts. We hope that your time with us will be an opportunity to hone practical skills like efficient history taking and the neurological exam, while also gaining the knowledge you need for success in your chosen career path. We place a high priority on education and hope that you will see our thoughtful effort during your time with us.



Chris Robinson, DO, MS and Pouya Alexander Ameli, MD, MS (Gainesville team)

Shannon Laboy, MD and Constance Katsafanas, DO (Jacksonville team)