Our Research


Fellows in the program are actively prompted to engage in scholarly pursuits, ranging from the preparation of individual case studies to involvement in both retrospective and prospective cohort research.

Additionally, this fellowship includes participation in the Critical Care EEG Monitoring Research Consortium, offering a unique opportunity to be part of original and innovative research. The selection of research themes is a collaborative process, undertaken through dialogue and consensus among the fellow, the fellowship director, and other attending professionals in the fields of epilepsy, EEG, and neurocritical care, aligned with mutual interests. Participation in the annual conference of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society is not only anticipated but fully supported, reinforcing the commitment to ongoing professional development and networking within the broader neurophysiological community.

The University of is currently involved in two clinical trials related to status epilepticus. Among these, the VIGAB STAT trial, is overseen by Dr. Maciel, a co-director of the fellowship. This pilot study explores the application of vigabatrin in treating post-anoxic status epilepticus, and fellows in the program are invited to take part in this research.

Within the fellowship, there is a strong emphasis on academic involvement, encompassing activities such as creating individual case analyses and engaging in both retrospective and prospective cohort investigations. The fellowship also provides the chance to join the Critical Care EEG Monitoring Research Consortium, affording a special opportunity for involvement in creative and pioneering research.

The process of choosing research topics is a cooperative endeavor, achieved through ongoing communication and agreement between the fellow, the director of the fellowship, and other experienced professionals within the realms of epilepsy, EEG, and neurocritical care. This collaboration is harmonized with shared interests.

Moreover, the fellowship facilitates and supports attendance at the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society’s yearly conference, highlighting a dedication to continuous professional growth and networking among the wider community of neurophysiology specialists.