Fellowship Outcome Evalutions

Fellows meet with the Program Director weekly to receive direct mentorship on clinical skills, writing and publications as well as to update on current projects. Furthermore, fellows will meet with program leadership individually every 3 months for a formal evaluation to discuss performance and provide constructive feedback. At that time, the fellow’s individual progress to reach the defined fellowship goals is evaluated and discussed with the fellow and documented in New Innovations. The fellowship has a Clinical Competency Committee, which comprises fellowship core faculty and meets biannually to discuss and evaluate the fellow’s performance. 

 The fellowship program uses New Innovations for formal confidential surveys that are being regularly completed both by the fellow and each of the faculty involved in the fellow’s education. The surveys and feedback ensure that all areas are covered, fellows obtain a complete experience, and that all critical subjects have been taught. Furthermore, the fellowship program uses the logbook function in New Innovations. The fellow will log each specialty rotation they have completed, each rare neuroimmunological disease they have encountered, and all inpatient consults. This logbook will be reviewed during the one-on-one evaluation sessions with the program director.