ProjectS Department of Neurology Administrative Internship

Short description of areas of focus for past projects. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Department of Neurology, several opportunities arise throughout the internship period.

Finance and Budgeting

Compensation Plan

As an intern within the neurology administrative team, you’ll play a crucial role in crafting and updating the comprehensive compensation plan for faculty members, which encompasses both salary and incentive pay. Your responsibilities may involve conducting market research to benchmark compensation packages against industry standards and competitor offerings. You’ll collaborate with other department administrators to analyze data on faculty performance, considering factors like educational commitment, research output, and clinical productivity to determine appropriate incentive structures. This hands-on experience will provide you with valuable insights into the complexities of compensation within academic medicine.


Our interns are immersed into the world of physician productivity by analyzing charges and net collections for the fiscal year. They assist in identifying trends and patterns in physician productivity, such as high-value procedures or areas for improvement in billing practices. This analysis contributes to optimizing revenue cycles and informing strategic decisions to enhance the financial health of the neurology department.

Operations and Strategy

Balanced Scorecards

As an intern within the neurology administrative team, you’ll be integral in analyzing and presenting balanced scorecards to identify areas of opportunity based on various key performance indicators (KPIs). Your role will entail compiling data from multiple sources to create a comprehensive view of the department’s performance across different dimensions, such as patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, operational efficiency, and financial performance. Through statistical analysis and data visualization techniques, you’ll highlight trends and patterns in the data to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses within the department. Your contribution will not only enhance decision-making processes but also foster a culture of continuous quality improvement within the neurology department.

Strategic Planning

Interns are actively engaged in strategic planning at the administrative and departmental level. Through data analysis and research, they contribute to the formulation of strategic initiatives and objectives aimed at enhancing patient care delivery, optimizing resource utilization, and achieving financial sustainability. Working alongside key stakeholders like physicians and administrators, interns will help facilitate strategic planning sessions to gather insights and align organizational objectives.

Communications & Policy DevelopMENT


As an intern within the neurology administrative team, you’ll be instrumental in fostering effective communication channels and collaboration between leadership, faculty, and staff. Your role will involve participating in high-level meetings, where you’ll be responsible for capturing and synthesizing key discussions and decisions into comprehensive meeting minutes. This hands-on experience will not only hone your communication skills but also deepen your understanding of the critical role communication plays in facilitating organizational success and cohesion.

Policy Development

This internship experience will provide you with invaluable insight into policy development processes and their impact on organizational effectiveness. You will assist in the creation and writing of department-wide policies, playing a crucial role in ensuring clarity, consistency, and compliance. Your responsibilities will include drafting policy documents that address various aspects of neurology department operations, such as HR protocols and administrative procedures. Your contribution will not only strengthen the foundation of governance within the department but also enhance operational efficiency and promote a culture of accountability and transparency.

Other Opportunities

  • Communications
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Website Enhancement
  • Emergency Plan Development
  • Policy Development