Testimonials from Former Interns

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interns 2023

isabel heitmeyer

“As an Administrative Intern in the Department of Neurology, I was presented with unique opportunities for professional development. The cornerstone of this internship is interaction and collaboration with faculty leaders, integral in cultivating a comprehensive understanding of academic medical centers. My preceptors ensure that I gained exposure to high-level leadership activities, while fostering a safe and supportive environment to learn. I am thankful for this experience, which has undoubtedly equipped me with the skills and insights necessary for a fulfilling career in healthcare administration.”

Isabel Heitmeyer, MSHA, University of Alabama Birmingham

“My administrative internship in the Department of Neurology was invaluable, offering diverse insights into healthcare administration and the multi-faceted world of academic medicine. Guided by my preceptors, I experienced substantial professional and personal growth, gaining confidence in myself as a leader and early-careerist. Overall, this internship has shaped my career goals and truly equipped me for success in my future career.”

Alexa Carter, MHA, University of Florida

“My internship at UF Neurology offered a multitude of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Access to executive leadership, hands-on project engagement, and a collaborative environment made my experience that much more enjoyable and impactful. The internship has equipped me with invaluable skills that I will take with me as I advance in my career as a healthcare administrator. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking a dynamic and impactful internship experience.”

Kyle Zamajtuk, MHA, University of Florida

“During my time as an administrative intern for the Department of Neurology, I saw tremendous growth within myself. The level of autonomy and support for my interests made this an enriching experience in which I could expand my knowledge and leave a mark within the department. Preceptors, faculty, and staff will welcome you with open arms and will pour themselves into your growth. In addition, the level of exposure to high-level executives and diverse aspects of healthcare settings will help give direction for your future endeavors. I am grateful for this unique experience and recommend it to anyone who is ready to take themselves to the next level.” 

Allison Castiblanco, MHA- 2022

“My time throughout the administrative internship at the Department of Neurology has been valuable and insightful. I have had many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally through mock interviews, exposure to executive leadership, and autonomy to grow and explore what I’m passionate about. A large part of what made this internship so unique and impactful was the preceptorship and engagement with faculty. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an administrative intern with the Department of Neurology and highly recommend this opportunity to aspiring healthcare administrators.”

-Kathryn Barnhart, MHA- 2022


Throughout my time as an administrative intern, the Department of Neurology has offered the opportunities to grow both as a person and a professional. Through executive leadership exposure and project engagement, I gained the high-level experience needed to succeed in the ever-changing field of healthcare. What I truly appreciated the most was the constant engagement with preceptors who truly gave you a seat at the table. I am grateful for the time I spent in the Department of Neurology, and I fully recommend the internship for anyone looking to gain a valuable experience in healthcare administration.

-Robert Entzian, MHA- 2022

“The Department of Neurology Summer Internship provided me with experience and exposure that has allowed me to thrive within healthcare administration. Throughout the program, I received mentorship and guidance from various department leaders in an interdisciplinary setting. The exposure I received surrounding strategy, operations, finance, and process improvement data analysis allowed me to develop with the department and helped me grow within my graduate program. I was encouraged to expand my comfort zone, gaining valuable technical and leadership skills for continuous improvement. I built numerous relationships within the department, surrounded by a welcoming environment. As an intern, I gained so much from everyone I encountered within this department and am grateful I had this opportunity! The internship provided me with knowledge I will hold onto throughout my career.”

-Christina Lim, MHA- 2021

Sam Preceptor

“Joining the Department of Neurology as an Administrative Intern was the single most impactful decision I made during my graduate career. The internship exceeded all my expectations, as I was able to get valuable face-time with senior faculty members and lead projects with unique autonomy. The program is extraordinary for the opportunity to gain exposure and experience, but the Neurology community is what makes it truly life-changing. I cannot recommend this program enough!”

-Sam Milligan, MHA- 2021

Where are they now?

Intern Name Position Organization Location
Leilani Johnson Project Coordinator UF Health Physicians Gainesville, FL
Hannah Benson Program Manager Valley Health Medical Group Winchester, VA
Andrew Martin Business Development Associate Florida Cancer Specialist Gainesville, FL
Maiya Madden Supply Chain Project Manager Oschner Health New Orleans, LA
Seu Parker Assistant Director UF Health Gainesville, FL
Maria Gonzalez Administrative Fellow UAB Medicine Birmingham, AL
Lily Wyche Project Coordinator UF Health Gainesville, FL
Taylor Floyd Administrative Fellow Seattle’s Children Hospital Seattle, WA
Kristina Kurzman Senior Manager Tuft Medical Center Boston, MA
Christina Lim Administrative Fellow Kaiser Permanente Southern California