Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in getting involved with the UF Department of Neurology! As a highly respected academic department, one of our major objectives is to teach and help guide learners at all levels in achieving their goals (The term “learner” includes pre-health students, professional students, foreign medical graduates, and researchers). However, our faculty are unable to keep up with the number of email requests we constantly receive. To help learners figure out what kind of involvement is most appropriate for them and what kinds of availability we have, we have created this website. We strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to read through this information (especially the overviews) to make sure you utilize your time with us effectively. 

Before you move forward, it’s important to establish a few ground rules that you’d be wise to consider before pursuing any positions: 

  • As a general rule, it is best to be forthcoming about your intentions early in the process. If you are seeking hours to apply to professional school, say that. If you want an LOR, say that. If you are seeking an opportunity to help bolster your chances of getting into medical school, residency, etc… say that.  Don’t hide your goals – seek an appropriate way to mention them! 
  • Always be respectful and appreciative to anyone from whom you are requesting help. Most faculty at any institution want to help, but it’s impossible to help everyone. 
  • Avoid sending mass emails to numerous faculty members at once. We will generally know when you do this, and it comes across as insincere and often inconsiderate. Remember: Every email is a request for someone’s time – please be considerate when you are requesting our time!