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Brian Coffey grew up in Rock Tavern, New York, just an hour north of New York City. He started playing the saxophone at age 9 and developed a tremendous passion for music. He particularly enjoys the genres of jazz, funk, and fusion. At the end of high school, he highly considered applying to music school to pursue a career in music; however, his equally strong passion for science and interest in medicine led him to attend Northeastern University in Boston, MA, where he obtained a B.S. in chemistry. While in college, he continued to play the sax at gigs around the city, along with various on-campus ensembles, and developed a love for scientific research as he worked to synthesize novel molecules to combat Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease. He also synthesized compounds affecting biochemical pathways in cancer cells while working as a medicinal chemist at a pharmaceutical company in Cambridge, MA. He attended medical school at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, where he fell in love with the complexity and mysteries of the human brain. He was inspired by an exciting first-year course that concurrently taught neurology, neuroscience, neuroanatomy, and psychiatry. After that course, he became involved in a neuroscience research project that worked to validate a new genetic mouse model of infantile spasm syndrome. He taught a course in mindfulness education to first year medical students and was captivated by how meditation can change the brain. After thoroughly enjoying internal medicine, psychiatry, and neurology rotations and being inspired by many neurologists, particularly in the field of neurocritical care, specializing in neurology became the clear choice. Later in medical school, Brian met his current mentor and designed a project using fMRI to study language function recovery in patients with acute traumatic disorders of consciousness. Having spent his entire life in the Northeast, Brian is very happy to have moved to beautiful, sunny Florida to start his neurology residency with his talented classmates! At this time, he is highly considering a fellowship in neurocritical care and would like to pursue a physician-scientist path. He is very interested in studying disorders of consciousness, traumatic brain injury, and stroke, and developing therapies to aid in neurorecovery and neuroregeneration. Besides saxophone, Brian enjoys weight-lifting, Insanity workouts, yoga, swimming, reading, writing, trying new restaurants, cooking, movies, and traveling.

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