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About Marcos Santana Firme

Marcos spent his early childhood at the Brazilian Cerrado then moved to the Atlantic Forest, where he spent most of his life. He grew up dedicated to music, as most of his family, and various sports. The curiosity for what controls the minds and bodies that learn, reason, create and execute ignited a genuine desire to understand the central nervous system. After graduating from medical school, Marcos became a research fellow at MGH/Harvard Medical School. There he investigated the EEG patterns of patients on ECMO , the neurotoxicity of CAR-T therapy, the use of Dexmedetomidine to prevent delirium, methods to predict the neurological outcome of comatose patients, among other research projects. His main areas of interest are Behavioral Neurology and Computational NeurosciencesIn his spare time, Marcos enjoys playing the Accordion and Guitar, meeting family and friends, playing soccer, and exploring new places and cultures. Marcos is thrilled to have just joined a team of uniquely creative, passion-driven, and supportive professionals at UF!

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(352) 273-5550