Stroke and other Neurovascular Disorders

Treatment studies

  • Umbilical cord blood has forms of stem cells that can potentially be used in treatment. A study investigating the use of this product in patients with strokes is recruiting patients at UF.
  • Narrowing of blood vessels is a major cause of strokes. An ongoing study is determining the optimal type of treatment for such narrowing.
  • Multiple studies are investigating new agents that can decrease the amount of damaged tissue at the time of the stroke. By decreasing the tissue damage, the outcome is expected to be better (better prospects to recover function following a stroke).
  • Other studies are assessing the efficacy of medications in preventing strokes.

Other studies

  • Multiple studies track patients with strokes and follow their symptoms. This information is invaluable as it highlights the progression of the symptoms and areas that can benefit from improvement.
  • There has been a significant advancement in the imaging techniques for the brain, a UF study is trying to determine if we can use some of the new imaging techniques to better characterize patients with stroke and optimize their treatment plan.

Current Studies are

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