The University of Florida is the forefront of undergraduate and graduate medical education. The College recognizes faculty who excel in education. Our Department is recognized for the excellence of its teaching of students, residents and fellows. Our faculty pride themselves to be available to students and residents and to provide mentorship for fellows pursuing academic careers. The Department has ACGME-accredited training programs in Neurology and in Clinical Neurophysiology, a UCNS-accredited fellowship in Behavioral Neurology, and a Movement Disorders fellowship.

The University of Florida Department of Neurology is dedicated to the mission of educating future neurologists. We strive to provide the medical community with trained neurologists of the highest caliber as is to be expected of one of the most premier neurological programs in the state of Florida. We have several opportunities for post-graduate medical students or graduating residents to enhance their training in neurology or neurological sub-specialties. Our department manages a fully accredited neurology residency program as well as several clinical and translational fellowship programs for MDs and PhDs. Please check them out below.

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