Neurology and Racial Injustice

Statement from The Diversity and Inclusion Council

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has served to highlight numerous inequalities in our country this past year, placing in even starker relief the historically unequal treatment of marginalized and minority groups in our society. The events of this past Tuesday in Atlanta with the killing of 8 people, 6 of whom were women of Asian heritage has come after over a year of increasing violence against Asian communities. This violence must be acknowledged for what it is; these acts are hate crimes against those of Asian backgrounds and the flames of historical discrimination have been fed by incredibly damaging and harmful rhetoric during this ongoing pandemic. The statistics regarding hate crimes targeting Asian communities around our nation this past year are daunting, and the pain this surge in violence has caused must be acknowledged.

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The goal of the Neurology Residency Training Program is to prepare residents for a career in academic neurology, with well-rounded strengths in clinical care, professionalism, research, and education. We are confident that every resident who we accept into our program will be able, with suitable application, to become a first-rate neurologist.

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