About Neurology

Neurology is a diverse and

Intricate field of medicine

Neural tissues and the nervous system control most bodily functions from muscular to mental. In order to better treat the different presentations of neurological dysfunction, many of our neurologists have specialized in a sub-specialty of neurology and we have devoted entire divisions of our department to treating these sub-specialties of neurology.

Our Divisions & Centers

Brain Aging, Behavioral & Cognitive

Our clinics are dedicated to providing quality diagnostic evaluations and treatment recommendations for those suffering from memory and cognitive disorders. Our evaluation team of physicians, psychologists and counselors provide a detailed evaluation.

Brain synopsis

Comprehensive Epilepsy

We are a large multidisciplinary group of professionals offering state of the art clinical care for our seizure patients. We combine advanced diagnostics, drug treatment and clinical trials with an experienced epilepsy surgery program assisted by the best technology.

Epilepsy Faculty Photo

Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration

We believe that integrated, interdisciplinary care is the most effective approach for patients with movement disorders. The Center delivers motor, cognitive and behavioral diagnoses as well as various treatments all in one centralized location.

Interior picture fo Movement Disorders Clinic

Multiple Sclerosis & General Neurology

We are an interdisciplinary clinical and research center devoted to the care of patients with MS and other neuroimmunological diseases. Our mission is to improve the quality of life and empower patients through excellent multi-disciplinary clinical care and innovative research.

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We are dedicated to improving the condition of those patients suffering from neuromuscular disorders while conducting a wide array of research projects aimed at better understanding the mysteries behind neuromuscular action and dysfunction.


Neurocritical Care

We are a group of neurology faculty with specialty training in neurocritical care. We are dedicated to the treatment of patients with life-threatening neurological & neurosurgical diseases.

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Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Neuroscience

The Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Neuroscience (LNN) at the University of Florida is working to pioneer novel strategies for the prevention, early detection, and improved treatment of Parkinson’s disease and related movement and memory disorders.


Sleep Medicine

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to sleep disorders. We are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It is the only accredited AASM center in North Central Florida.

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Comprehensive Stroke Center

Our Comprehensive Stroke Center is part of an elite group of providers focused on the highest quality stroke care, recognized as industry leaders, and responsible for setting the national agenda in expert stroke care.

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Trauma, Concussion & Sports Neuromedicine

The TRACS program goes beyond the traditional roles of clinicians and researchers, acknowledging that concussion and traumatic brain injury are complicated challenges that require teams to advance our knowledge and care.


Neurofibromatosis Center

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a set of complex genetic disorders that can affect almost every organ system, causing a predisposition for tumors to grow on nerves in the brain and throughout the body.

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Brain Injury, Rehabilitation and Neuroresilience Center

The mission of the Brain Injury, Rehabilitation and Neuroresilience Center is to foster interactions between brain injury clinicians and researchers, harnessing collective strengths across UF to encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations and innovation in the field.

Drs. Dekosky and Jaffee looking at brain scans