Faculty Directory

Leonardo Almeida

Leonardo Almeida

Assistant Professor
Pouya A Ameli

Pouya A Ameli MD, MS

Assistant Professor Of Neurology And Neurosurgery, Division Of Neurocritical Care
Melissa Armstrong

Melissa Armstrong MD, MSc, FAAN

Associate Professor Of Neurology, Director, Mangurian Clinical-Research Headquarters For Lewy Body Dementia
Marc A Babi

Marc A Babi MD

Assistant Professor Of Neurology And Neurosurgery, Division Of Neurocritical Care; Program Director, Neurocritical Care Fellowship; Associate Director, Neurology Residency; Associate Director, Neurology Clerkship, UF College Of Medicine
Gabriel Bonnell

Gabriel Bonnell MD

Assistant Professor
Maria Bruzzone Giraldez

Maria Bruzzone Giraldez MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
David W Burks

David W Burks MD

Assistant Professor
Matthew R Burns

Matthew R Burns MD, PhD

Assistant Professor Of Neurology
Katharina Busl

Katharina Busl MD, MS

Associate Professor Of Neurology And Neurosurgery; Chief, Division Of Neurocritical Care; Director, UF Health Shands Neurointensive Care Unit; Associate Program Director, Neurocritical Care Fellowship
  • Neurocritical Care
Christopher R Butson

Christopher R Butson PhD

Professor Of Neurology And The Fixel Endowed Chair Of Neurotherapeutics
Shannon Chiu

Shannon Chiu MSc, MD

Assistant Professor
Miguel Chuquilin Arista

Miguel Chuquilin Arista MD, FAAN

Associate Professor
  • Neuromuscular Medicine
Jean E Cibula

Jean E Cibula MD

Clinical Associate Professor
Steven T DeKosky

Steven T DeKosky MD

Deputy Director, McKnight Brain Institute; Aerts-Cosper Professor Of Alzheimer’s Research; Associate Director 1Florida AD Research Center’ And Professor Of Neurology & Neuroscience
Matthew Farrer

Matthew Farrer PhD

Lauren And Lee Fixel Chair, Professor Of Neurology, Director Of Clinical Genomics Program At UF Clinical And Translational Science Institute
Kenneth M Heilman

Kenneth M Heilman MD

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Christopher Hess

Christopher Hess M.D.

Assistant Professor Of Neurology Movement Disorders Fellowship Director And Medical Director Director, Neurotechnology Program For Movement Disorders And Neurorestoration Norman Fixel Institute For Neurological Diseases Director, NF/SGVHS PAD
Wei Hu

Wei Hu

Assistant Professor
Alexandra Issa Roach

Alexandra Issa Roach MD

Assistant Professor Of Neurology
Michael Jaffee

Michael Jaffee M.D., FAAN, FANA

Professor And Vice Chair
Giridhar Kalamangalam

Giridhar Kalamangalam MD, DPhil

Chief & Associate Professor
Anna Y Khanna

Anna Y Khanna MD

Assistant Professor & Stroke Medical Director
  • Vascular Neurology
Matthew J LaVoie

Matthew J LaVoie PhD

Fixel Family Chair, Co-Director Center Of Translational Research In Neurodegenerative Disease, Associate Chair For Research-Neurology
Yuqing Li

Yuqing Li PhD

Professor Of Neurology
Carolina B Maciel

Carolina B Maciel MD, MSCR

Assistant Professor Of Neurology And Neurosurgery; Director Of Research, Division Of Neurocritical Care, Critical Care Encephalographer, Division Of Epilepsy
Irene A Malaty

Irene A Malaty MD

Barbara Padgett Dein Professor Of Neurology, Director Of Parkinson Foundation Center Of Excellence And Tourette Association Of America Center For Excellence
Karen McFarland

Karen McFarland

Research Assistant Professor
Nikolaus McFarland

Nikolaus McFarland MD, PhD

Associate Professor Of Neurology, Wright/Falls/Simmons Professorship In PSP And Atypical Parkinsonism, Director UF HDSA Center Of Excellence
Sotiris Mitropanopoulos

Sotiris Mitropanopoulos MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Michael S Okun

Michael S Okun MD

Chair And Professor Of Neurology
Yulia Orlova

Yulia Orlova MD

Assistant Professor
Addie Patterson

Addie Patterson DO

Assistant Professor, Associate Director Neurology Residency Program
Michael A Pizzi

Michael A Pizzi DO, PhD

Assistant Professor Of Neurology And Neurosurgery, Division Of Neurocritical Care
Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora

Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora MD

Associate Professor Of Neurology & Division Chief Movement Disorders
Torge Rempe

Torge Rempe MD

Assistant Professor
Diego E Rincon-Limas

Diego E Rincon-Limas PhD

Associate Professor & University Term Professor
Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson DO, MS

Assistant Professor Of Neurology And Neurosurgery, Division Of Neurocritical Care; Neuroscience Course Director UF College Of Medicine; Associate Program Director, Neurocritical Care Fellowship
Ramon Rodriguez

Ramon Rodriguez

Assistant Professor
William Roth

William Roth MD

Assistant Professor Of Neurology And Neurosurgery, Division Of Neurocritical Care
Hans H Shuhaiber

Hans H Shuhaiber M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor ( Center For Neurofibromatosis)
Alexis N Simpkins

Alexis N Simpkins MD, PhD, MSCR, FAHA

Clinical Assistant Professor
Amita Singh

Amita Singh MD, MS

Assistant Professor
Sub Subramony

Sub Subramony M.D.

  • Neuromuscular Medicine
William J Triggs

William J Triggs MD

Associate Professor
Vinata Vedam-Mai

Vinata Vedam-Mai PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Aparna A Wagle Shukla

Aparna A Wagle Shukla M.D.

Professor Of Neurology Director, Clinical Trials
Yue Wang

Yue Wang MD, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Neal Weisbrod

Neal Weisbrod MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Christina A Wilson

Christina A Wilson MD, PhD

Interim Chief, Vascular Neurology Division; Associate Chair Of Education; Neurology Residency Program Director; Vascular Neurology Fellowship Program Director
  • Vascular Neurology
James Wymer

James Wymer MD, FAAN

  • Neuromuscular Medicine