Our Research


Clinical Reasoning: A Case of Acute Akinetic Mutism and Encephalopathy

Group therapeutic singing improves clinical motor scores in persons with Parkinson's disease

RCT protocol for driving performance in people with Parkinson's using autonomous in-vehicle technologies

Connectomic analysis of unilateral dual-lead thalamic deep brain stimulation for treatment of multiple sclerosis tremor

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Current Grants

NIH/NIA: Multi-Stakeholder Engagement for Interdisciplinary Telehealth in Lewy Body Dementia AG073575-01. 2021-2026

UF Foundation/Mangurian Grant: Usability of wearable technology in LBD. 2021-2023

Prior Grants

American Academy of Neurology: Investigating Patterns of Care for Dementia with Lewy bodies in Florida. 2018-2020