Resident Testimonials

We asked our residents: what do you like most about the UF Neurology program?

UF Neurology has the most welcoming culture and is full of camaraderie. When it came to choosing a residency program, UF was the obvious choice because of its emphasis on education, outstanding reputation, diverse pathology and positive atmosphere.​” – Briana Wasserstrom, PGY1

“UF Neurology stood out significantly on the interview trail as a program that truly cares about its residents. Weekly meetings with the program director to improve the program give residents a chance to make their voice heard! The people in the program, from the chair of the department to my co-residents are some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and they are all very happy! Big things are happening in Gainesville! The program is growing tremendously, now with a brand new, freestanding neurohospital with a beautiful neurocritical care unit! UF is a funnel center that pulls in a large volume of diverse cases that will prepare me and my classmates well for fellowship and beyond.” – Brian Coffey, PGY3 

“What made me choose the UF Neurology residency program? The people! The residents and faculty at UF were among the nicest and most welcoming of all the programs at which I interviewed. The residents seemed like family, and the faculty were extraordinarily approachable and supportive.” – Justin De Prey, PGY4

“The gorgeous weather initially piqued my curiosity. The structured mentorship, outstanding academics, and clear evidence of a tightly knit community allowed me to decidedly rank UF #1 on my list. Being a part of this team is something I take great pride in and wholeheartedly cherish.” – Gabe Swords, PGY1

“This is a place where both the faculty and residents honor their roles as educators—where you feel that your growth as a physician is a priority. This was apparent even when I rotated here as a visiting fourth-year medical student. The residents go out of their way to help each other on the wards and are a close-knit group during off-duty hours as well. Importantly, with patients frequently coming from afar, drawn by the reputation of Shands Hospital, the diversity of clinical cases is a true asset.” – David Mendoza, PGY2

“UF Neurology had everything that I was looking for in a residency program. Everyone is intelligent, friendly, and genuinely interested in creating a supportive learning atmosphere. The hospitals see a wide variety of cases, and the department offers research and clinical training in many subspecialties of particular interest to me. Gainesville provides an excellent quality of life, with warm weather, low housing prices, and short commutes.” – Heather Panic, PGY1

“My interview at UF was my very first one, and it left a lasting impression on me. The collegiality amongst the residents and the entire neurology department and the beautiful green city of Gainesville made me instantly feel at home, and I was overall very impressed with the program’s growth mindset and the way new ideas for improvement were met with tangible results. I quickly realized that UF’s catchment area affords a huge diversity and complexity of patient cases, and this in combination with the high emphasis on teaching ensured me that after training here I would finish residency as a well-prepared, excellent neurologist. After seeing how beautiful the neuromedicine hospital was and how genuinely pleased the neurology residents were with their training at UF, it instantly rose to the top of my list.​” – Tiffany Eisenbach, PGY1

“I chose the UF Neurology Residency Program because of the collegial atmosphere which exuded from the residents and staff on interview day.  I knew Shands and the University of Florida would provide a wide variety of pathology with the opportunity to learn from some of the most acclaimed physicians in the United States.  What sealed the deal for me was the approachability and genuine friendliness of the faculty members, their dedication to the program, and their enthusiasm for mentoring new residents”. – Meghan Humbert, PGY2

“UF Neurology provides its residents with world class faculty and facilities, which make for an excellent learning experience. Faculty members from all subspecialties are brought in from top academic centers in the U.S. to educate residents through both formal didactics and teaching at the bedside. The state of the art facilities and technology provide a unique one stop shop for multidisciplinary care of patients with debilitating neurological diseases. Additionally, UF Health’s massive catchment area in the southeast makes for a broad variety of pathology that helps residents get exposed to both common and rare diseases.” – Vlad Korenblit, PGY1

“I chose UF Neurology because of the interview experience. Of course I desired training at UF because of their extensive resources and clinical network, their prestigious name and faculty associations, and the many unique opportunities for advanced training, but in the end, I chose it because of how quickly I came to respect and admire the interviewers and faculty during my interview experience.” – Keith Kincaid, PGY3

“I chose UF Gainesville as I was very impressed with their educational program. There is lot of diversity in the program, healthy and harmonious environment, providing good clinical exposure and great research opportunities. It has shaped excellent neurologists and scientists in the past. I found the program leadership very supportive and understanding towards its residents.” – Varun Jain, PGY3 

“This is a community in which everyone is dedicated to teach and help each other to become the best versions of yourself. Everyone has one common objective and that is to provide the best patient care possible.” – Lizmarie Tirado-Castro, PGY1

“UF Neurology was the only program that had everything I was looking for:  friendly and supportive staff, large catchment area, great research opportunity, state of the art facilities, and located in a livable city.  I was impressed with the momentum this program has in the field of neurology and wanted to be a part of it.”  – Nick Nelson, PGY3

I loved the collegial atmosphere among residents and faculty when I visited UF on my interview day. I was also looking for a program with a high volume of patients, complex cases, and the support to thrive and have fun in such an environment, which I feel that UF provides. – Natalie Buchwald, PGY4, chief resident

“I fell in love with UF after doing a Neuroradiology rotation here as a fourth-year.  I got to learn about the incredible team-based and patient-focused dynamic at this Institution through the neuroradiology team, and talking with other medical students. I was looking for a place where I could receive exceptional training while still feeling welcomed and part of a family.  Based on the feedback I got from one close friend who was a PGY1 at the time, and my experience during interview season, I decided that UF would definitely meet my expectations. In addition, it gave me the opportunity to be close to my home in Miami,  being only a few hours away from my parents for a relative short drive when craving Cuban food (goals for times after-COVID19).” – Lorena Figueredo Rivas, PGY1

“While on my away rotation at UF I was impressed by many aspects of the program and the department. For starters, the quality of teaching was superb, and teaching was clearly a priority throughout the course of a typical day as opposed to being reserved for down time and didactics. The didactics themselves were well organized along themes; each talk was well put together with valuable information. Outside of the educational aspects, I was also impressed by the sense of community within the program and department. The attendings, residents, and mid-level providers all had great working relationships and clearly knew each other well. The residents had each other’s backs. They also took an interest in me and my fellow rotators; I made personal connections that lasted even after my rotation ended. Ultimately I chose UF because it combined the best of learning and professional growth with personal community and training environment.” – Crystal Yu, PGY2

I chose UF Neurology because of the faculty, co-residents, and facilities. My goal with residency is to become the best general neurologist I can be, and I am confident that UF will be able to help me achieve my goals. The faculty are extremely welcoming, the residents are all supportive and are truly a family, and the place where we get to train is absolutely top notch.” – Amol Mehta, PGY3

 “I loved UF because of the diversity of the residents and different sub-specialties that they offered.” – Calvin Hu, PGY2

“The exemplary faculty, outstanding residency curriculum, state-of-the art facilities, and diverse pathology made choosing UF Neurology a no-brainer for me!” – Aisha Elfasi, PGY2

 “The contagious atmosphere pushes you to be better, to put your patient first, and to always be of service to others. UFHealth was there for me in medical school after Hurricane Maria and continues to be there today, inspiring me to be outstanding.” –Elsa Rodriguez, PGY2

 “I loved the environment that the people of UF Neurology created. Getting to know everyone I found that this program was the one where I felt most comfortable being myself. I met a diverse group of enthusiastic and insightful individuals who also seemed to love what they do. When I completed a month-long elective with the department as a fourth-year medical student, I found out that these characterizations weren’t just limited to the interview day – this was the day-to-day norm!” – Matt Vasquez, PGY2

 “Opportunities in terms of professional growth are endless, and the department has a resolute commitment to the success of the residents.” – Abdullah Bin Zahid, PGY3

“Having been a UF undergraduate and knowing the resources we had then, returning here seemed to make a lot of sense. The new facilities and the Gainesville weather only add to the programs appeal. And of course, when meeting the incredible faculty and current residents, I knew it was a place I would feel comfortable learning and growing as both an individual and physician!” – Edna Johnson, PGY1

 “I chose the UF Neurology residency program because UF has an excellent movement disorder program and plenty of opportunities for neurogenetic research, and the curriculum is very flexible.” – Hsin-Pin Lin, PGY4