Resident Testimonials

We asked our residents: what do you like most about the UF Neurology program?

“What made me choose the UF Neurology residency program? The people! The residents and faculty at UF were among the nicest and most welcoming of all the programs at which I interviewed. The residents seemed like family, and the faculty were extraordinarily approachable and supportive.” – Justin De Prey

“The various well-developed neurological subspecialties and the brand-new hospital we work in.” -Torge Rempe

photo of residents“I loved the collegial atmosphere among residents and faculty when I visited UF on my interview day. I was also looking for a program with a high volume of patients, complex cases, and the support to thrive and have fun in such an environment, which I feel that UF provides. – Natalie Buchwald

“I really enjoy the variety of neurologic diseases that we regularly encounter in the hospital. Having a variety of subspecialist attendings rotate through gives us exposure to their different approaches to these diseases.” – Michael Morris

“Our fellow neurology colleagues (residents, fellows, attendings, and support staff) was a big draw to the program and continue to make this institution a great learning environment.” – Zach Newcomer

“I enjoy our camaraderie as a group within our residency, the responsiveness of our faculty to the needs of the residents, and our rapid and exciting growth as a department.” – Matt Broderick

“I like the diversity of cases and how comfortable we become with critically neurologically ill patients early on in training. Dr. Wilson is a great resident advocate. Our residency coordinator, Jennifer Shipley, is on top of issues and takes care of residents. We often work with leaders in their field as an everyday occurrence.” – Matt McAdams

“The Wednesday resident meeting to discuss what to improve in the program.” – David Ho

“I chose the UF Neurology residency program because UF has an excellent movement disorder program and plenty of opportunities for neurogenetic research, and the curriculum is very flexible.” – Hsin-Pin Lin

“I get to see diverse cases in different subspecialities of neurology.” – Lakshmi Reddy