Congratulations Dr. Okun!

Last month, Dr. Michael S. Okun, UF Health neurologist and UF professor, delivered the keynote presentation on the “Electric Brain” at the Beijing Tiantan Neurosurgery Symposium. Okun was awarded an honorary professorship at Capital Medical Center, which is affiliated with Tiantan Hospital.

While in China, Okun lectured at the Tiantin Hospital in Bejing, the Ruijin Hospital at Shanghai JiaotongUniversity Medical School and the Enai Hospital and Jilin University Hospital in Changchun, Jilin.

Professor Jian-guo Zhang, MD, PhD, chairman of neurosurgery at Tiantin Hospital and chair of the Neurosurgery Symposium, presented the honor to Okun, and also announced the recent decision for China to pursue a new neuromodulation center and to continue pursuing a human brain initiative similar to the recent U.S. NIH-funded brain initiative.