Degenerative dementia with proximal radial and lower vertical spatial neglect

Congratulations Drs. Kulrithra Pisanuwongrak, Parunyou Jalayanont and Kenneth Heilman, on the publication of your research “Degenerative dementia with proximal radial and lower vertical spatial neglect,” in the June issue of  Neurocase, The Neural Basis of Cognition.

A 75 year-old man had a two-year history of progressive memory loss, trouble with finances and getting lost. On examination, he scored 16/30 in MoCA test, noticeably impaired on the attentional tasks. His screening bloodtests werenormal. Brain imaging revealed hippocampal atrophy and bilaterallarge areas of leukoaraiosis below posterior parietal lobes. On vertical line bisection he revealed a large upward bias and on radial bisection, a distal bias. Degeneration of his posterior parietal cortex may have caused both the leukoaraiosis and vertical-radial neglect. Unawareness of portions of space can be a source of disability and cause injury. Therefore, patients with degenerative dementia, especially those with similar patterns of leukoaraiosis or parietal degeneration should be tested for vertical and radial forms of spatial neglect.